The REAL Climate Change Debate: Are All Deniers Evil or Are Some Merely Ignorant?

Either Way They Are More Dangerous To Your Future Than Any Terrorist


You wouldn’t know it from the mainstream media, your elected representatives or the folks at the US Chamber of Commerce, but we’re currently in the most threatening crisis our civilization has ever faced.  Sure, if you’re a regular Creative Greenius reader you’re already hip to the news, but that only puts you in very enlightened and highly entertained minority.

If you weren’t a fellow traveler along the path of discovery with me, you might believe there is still a debate about the major issues of climate change.  But you would be wrong.  There is no debate.  There is only a powerful propaganda campaign run by the corporate carbon collaborators and those who either embraced it with poisonous profit-driven passion or those who are the defiantly ignorant.

Just yesterday one of the worldwide leaders of the Deniers cult, a man whose blog has millions of readers, was exposed as the Crock of the Week – and the howling from Crazytown can be heard across the nation.  Join us after the jump for the video that deniers and obstructionists tried to keep you from watching:

Okay, everyone, now take off  your tin foil caps.

As usual I learned about this latest from Joe Romm’s Climate Progress, the first web site I read every morning. Here’s an excerpt from Romm’s piece this morning which you should read in its entirety along with the brilliant source for all this DeSmogBlog,

Here’s some background on the terrific video from DeSmogBlog:

Peter Sinclair producer of the well-known “Climate Crock of the Week” video series, posted a video debunking weatherman Anthony Watts who runs a Climate Denier Den also known as his Watt’s Up With That blog.

The video was auto-scrubbed by YouTube after Watts claimed the video broke YouTube’s copyright rules. The video has since been reviewed by a number of US copyright experts and (big surprise) there appears to be nothing that could be construed as anything but fair use.

As any viewer can plainly see, there is nothing in the video that infringes on any copyrighted work by Watts — it is apparently just the devastating content that Watts is afraid of.

Watts is capable of dishing out the most virulent attacks on leading climate scientists, like James Hansen and Mark Serreze (see Exclusive: New NSIDC director Serreze explains the “death spiral” of Arctic ice, brushes off the “breathtaking ignorance” of blogs like WattsUpWithThat) — but he can’t even take a factual and, by WattUpWithThat standards, relatively mild attack on himself.

Your Creative Greenius has likewise been on the receiving end of Watt’s attention and that of his fellow cultists.  I was amused by it even while being threatened by those who offered to introduce me to their M-16s.

Edgar_bergen_charlie_mccarthyBut I’ve been completely UNamused at having to deal with the results of the denier cult’s deliberate misinformation campaign within the environmental community itself.   That’s what happens when some people believe there are no facts and that everything is gray and debatable.

But those people are wrong and easily proven so.

Some folks want to claim that there is a viable debate on the climate change issue and that to try and stifle that debate is akin to McCarthyism.

But that is as big a crock as the mustachioed weatherman from Fox who slanders Al Gore, climate scientist Dr. James Hansen, the UN Scientists who won the Nobel prize, and who proudly believes that global warming is a hoax.

On some issues there are not two equal sides or anything close to it.

On some issues there is right and there is wrong.

There is truth and there are lies.

There is good and there is evil

And to pretend otherwise ignores both reality and the intelligence some of us still possess in this dumbed-down LOL era.

Need I respect and give any credence to those who said that smoking cigarettes wasn’t addictive or damaging to your health?  What about THEIR side of the story?  Should I treat it with equal weight to science fact and debate it?

tobaccoexecsHow about the people who told us that seat belts, airbags and catalytic converters were bad for cars and their drivers?  Or how about the people who feel a little lead in toys won’t hurt kids too much?  Should they have equal time and be treated as if their opinion was valuable in a debate on the subject?

Do I need to give any weight at all to those on the other side of the argument over Man-Little Girl Lolita Love?  Am I stifling their right to free speech if I say they are evil and ignorant and tell them to STFU?  Is that McCarthy-like behavior on my part?


How about those folks who believe that black or Hispanics or Asians are inferior and unequal races to their own and who believe in ethnic cleansing?  Is their point of view something I need to spend time debating?  Or is it okay if I just fight against them?


How about those who thought it was okay to have priests molest children and then cover it up?  Do they just hold the “other” side of the argument?  Am I unfair to that side if I condemn them and refuse to respect their opinion on the subject?

How about the people who believed in and fought for the rights of Southern States to keep slaves?  How much of their side of the story must I stomach?


How about those who feel that women are not equal to men and should be subservient to them?  Do I need to pretend that they are not just flat out wrong and ignorant too?

tut0-008I think the Reverand Desmond Tutu had it right when he had this to say about apartheid in 1984:

“You are either for or against apartheid and not by rhetoric.

You are either in favor of evil or in favor of good.

You are either on the side of the oppressed or on the side of the oppressor.”

Allow me to make it as clear and easy to understand for you as possible:

I believe that when the younger generation now in school discovers what has been done to their future, they will want to strangle in their sleep those who worked to delay and obstruct the response to climate change that could have saved them.

Saying “the jury is still out” and that you’re a “climate change skeptic” today, with all the overwhelming and continually mounting evidence available – is akin to putting on a neon dunce cap and announcing your arrogant ignorance through a bullhorn.

51BRGQQR95L._SL500_Sure, that will get you your own show on Fox News, but it doesn’t mean I have to let you pee on my leg and believe you when you tell me it’s raining.

One thought on “The REAL Climate Change Debate: Are All Deniers Evil or Are Some Merely Ignorant?

  1. The effort by so many people to deny climate change is horrible. Even worse though is all the hate, disrespect, and slander. It gives me such a hopeless feeling. Your site shows that there are some very bright, motivated people who can fight very effectively.

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