The View From Here Today

I contributed the following to the World Wildlife Climate Witness site last week and it was published this morning.  I took the photos that now illustrate it here on my blog within the last hour:

My name is Joe Galliani, I’m 52 years old and I’ve lived in Southern California for 33 years.
(c) 2009 by Joe Galliani
(c) 2009 by Joe Galliani - This afternoon's view from my studio's patio

Since 1993 my wife and I have lived in Torrance California, just a half mile from the beautiful beach and the Pacific Ocean. We feel very fortunate to live here at the base of the gorgeous Palos Verdes Peninsula, but today we’re breathing a big sigh of relief learning that the Palos Verdes Wildfire was 100% contained this morning. What we’re not breathing is clean air, because the smoke from the La Canada-Flintridge fire, about 38 miles from here, is still making air quality hazardous and people in the L.A. basin are being advised not to spend too much time outdoors and to keep their doors and windows closed and their air conditioners running.

Greenius Gets Groove On with Greenpeace & GRID Alternatives

Backstage at the 2009 Warped Tour, Home Depot Stadium, Carson Calif

This is the summer I totally got my groove on.  And I have never been more all now or totally happening.

While lots of folks took the month of August off, or participated in the greatest display ever of America’s mental health crisis – by aggressively acting out in public Town Halls enraged over their own painful ignorance – your Creative Greenius has devoted 100% of my time to pro bono volunteer work that makes a difference.

I’ve never made less money or had a more rewarding time.

Greenius Chairing New South Bay 350 Climate Action Group

I am now chairing the South Bay Los Angeles 350 Climate Action Group and we are off to a flying start getting a big “YES!” to every group and individual we talk to about support.

I am inviting ALL of Los Angeles to come on down to Manhattan Beach pier on Saturday, October 24 to join me and the dozens of local organizations and thousands of your fellow concerned So Cal citizens to demonstrate our support for a 350 ppm limit on CO2 emissions in our atmosphere.

There is broad support for a cleaner climate and renewable energy use and we’re going to prove it for all the world to see.

SB 350 FLYER v3

ToxicTown Torrance Has A Chemical Problem

As if I don’t have enough environmental trouble to worry about here in ToxicTown, Torrance, California, my home for the past 16+ years, what with the evil Exxon Mobil Refinery using 750 prime acres of our real estate to spew greenhouse gases and other climate changing emissions day and night with the blessing and endorsement of our City Council, Mayor and easy to please Environmental Commission.

But today my friends at Greenpeace released a new reason to worry about the environment here in Torrance.  They put the bulls-eye on JCI Jones Chemical as the posterboys for needlessly dangerous chemical plants that put 4.5 million women, children and men at risk.  I’m one of those men and I take it personally …


We Are ALL Tongan

The idyllic island kingdom of Tonga

My friend Elizabeth is from the South Pacific Island Kingdom of Tonga, an exotic locale long fixed in my memory with images of Polynesian paradise.

Tonga has sadly been in the news lately after an inter-island ferry sank on August 5 drowning over 70 people. It’s a huge tragedy in such a small place and it has saddened all Tongans around the world.

Tonga on the map

When I first met Elizabeth I had no idea that there were so many Tongan Americans living in large communities in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Dallas and other cities across the USA.  Elizabeth is producing a documentary film on the history of Tongans immigrating to America and she knows a lot about the subject.

But surprisingly, a subject Elizabeth didn’t know a lot about is Tonga’s frontline role as a victim of the climate change crisis.

Your AB 920 Greenius Update & A Call For Three Times The Sun!

environment california annual reportOne of the groups I support and learn from is Environment California who have been great advocates of AB 811 and AB 920, the one-two punch for solar we absolutely need to drive solar sales at the rate demanded by today’s CO2 levels.  Dan Jacobson is the Legislative Director of Environment California and he’s both progressive and effective – and someone I admire a great deal.

Dan’s been a big help to California Assemblyman Jared Huffman’s efforts to get AB 920 turned into the feed-in tariff law that will drive sales of solar literally through and onto every available rooftop in the Golden State.  And if you talked with Lawrence Cooper he’d probably tell you it would be a big help in getting to 33% renewable energy in California.  Lawrence Cooper works with Assemblyman Huffman, and AB 920 is one of his big responsibilities.

I heard from Cooper a couple of times this week with updates on the progress of AB 920 which is expected to be heard on Monday in Senate Appropriations, where it will be referred to the suspense file due to the cost. Cooper and his team will then start to work to get the bill out of suspense.

Cooper has already worked long and hard, including setting me straight about SCE’s support for the bill.  I had gotten that wrong in my piece on Monday and Cooper was kind enough to correct me without beating me up.

Greenius Flashback: Talking EVs and CO2 One Year Ago On Larry Mantle’s “Airtalk”

P1050316Just about one year ago on July 2, 2008 I was on Larry Mantle’s “Airtalk” (KPCC-FM 89.3 Pasadena) talking about getting my electric car and my solar panels.  I’m a member supporter of KPCC, my favorite NPR station, and I think Mantle does one of the most intelligent shows on the radio.  I wasn’t on as an official guest, I called into the show to drop some Greenius on L.A. radio listeners.

One year later, I’m still learning how to do my own solar installation after having taking classes and working with GRID Alternatives to install solar as a volunteer on low income and Habitat for Humanity homes.  And we’ve now cut our electric usage in half through efficiency measures so the size of the solar I need is half as much.

And I’ve learned and written an awful lot about electric cars & the whole new emerging EV industry.

But listening back to this clip I realize how little talk of these subjects you hear anywhere on the TV or radio airwaves today.  While the Confederacy of Dunces rules the media spotlight, the climate crisis has only worsened since the days of $4.60 a gallon gasoline.  One year ago I said we only had about 12 months to turn things around:

Here’s the audio clip of what I had to say on July 2, 2008:

Yeah, I Got Your Chevy Volt, Right Here. Day 2 @ Plug-In 2009

If you’ve been wondering just how real the new Chevy Volt that gets 230 mpg in city driving is, well just take a look for yourself.  Here’s what the brainiacs at General Motors sent the premier EV car conference on the West Coast.

P1050244This one might actually get MORE than 230 mpg in the city seeing as how it has no doors, windows, seats, any interior, hood, roof, underbody or trunk.

At least GM sent this nifty printed banner explaining all about the new J1772 industry standard recarging plug
At least GM sent this nifty printed banner explaining all about the new J1772 industry standard recharging plug. They even had a real plug connected to their toy car on the exhibit hall.

You’ve just got to take it on faith from the OG who snuffed out their last electric effort with extreme prejudice and who have showed the good judgment to run their company into bankruptcy and to bring Bob the Putz Lutz (“Global warming is a crock of shit!”) back from the dead and back on board for one more round of Paula Abdul level-crazy soundbites on what he knows about the 21st century marketplace.

At least GM did a Disney display.  Ford and whatever it is they call Chrysler this week didn’t even bother to show up.  Luckily no one was really at Plug-In 2009 to hear the Three Car Stooges at this point, they don’t have any pleasant surprises in store for us.  But what did surprise this reporter was the absence of Honda, Toyota, BYD, and a lot of the other players listed on the Plug-In America car tracker.

Greenius On The Scene: Plug-In 2009

Here’s a few shots from yesterday first full day of the Plug-In 2009 conference in Long Beach, California.  I’ll be back there today for more Greenius coverage to be published later this week.


The Creative Greenius with the new Nissan Leaf flat lithium ion battery.  They’ll be making Leafs in Tennessee and they will be making many more batteries than cars.  The Nissan spokesman told me they will be selling the battery as a standalone product too.  I’d like a set to convert my 1997 del Sol to an EV.                      

The Greenius Solution To All California’s Problems: AB 920 + AB 811 *UPDATED*

Greenius on the Roof in Long Beach installing solar for GRID Alternatives

AB 920 + AB 811 = Solar Powered Electric Cars & PV Powered Charging Stations

solar-car-charging-stationI used to get frustrated with people when they couldn’t grok what was so blatantly obvious to me.  The dots that other folks were failing to even see, already looked pre-connected to me –  like those incredibly real artificial Christmas trees with the lights already set in place and ready to plug-in.

It took me about five decades to realize that I was just wired to see things a certain way and that most other people come at the same things from a very different angle.

What I’m seeing plain-as-day right now is the simple and obvious solar solution to all of California’s budget and growth problems.

But I’m also seeing something even bigger and better than that.  And you’ll be seeing it too, right after the jump…