Greenius Chairing New South Bay 350 Climate Action Group

I am now chairing the South Bay Los Angeles 350 Climate Action Group and we are off to a flying start getting a big “YES!” to every group and individual we talk to about support.

I am inviting ALL of Los Angeles to come on down to Manhattan Beach pier on Saturday, October 24 to join me and the dozens of local organizations and thousands of your fellow concerned So Cal citizens to demonstrate our support for a 350 ppm limit on CO2 emissions in our atmosphere.

There is broad support for a cleaner climate and renewable energy use and we’re going to prove it for all the world to see.

SB 350 FLYER v3

3 thoughts on “Greenius Chairing New South Bay 350 Climate Action Group

  1. Thanks, Joe! By the way, did you see this about Toyota dragging their feet (AGAIN) on EVs? We greeniuses are well aware that EVs aren’t perfect, but they put us upstream of the fuel source and their associated emissions.;_ylt=AvTjNLbtMqgLPsCdAu1Uaa90fNdF?mod=family-autos

    From the Greenius,
    Great to hear from you Erica! And yeah, I DID see that Toyota is once again holding out on us with the Plug In EV cars we want. And they could have had a Felix Kramer inspired plug in hybrid years ago, but they leave us plugless. Maybe it’s because they don’t want to hurt the market for the Prius? Or maybe it’s because they’ve been surpassed by Nissan, Tesla, BYD, Mitsubishi and others who aren’t whining about what they can’t do and instead are taking us forward proving what they CAN do.

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