The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be

While Exxon continues to spend millions of dollars every single day to defeat climate legislation and desperately avoid having to pay for the damage and destruction their product is responsible for, the souls they’ve bought and paid for in Congress continue to deny the reality of global warming.  Of course the carbon collaborators in the coal industry are also getting their money’s worth out of the cartoon characters they have representing their views on television too:

The shameless lying and shilling, from primarily Republicans, comes from the same exact people who claim that our President isn’t an American and from the same exact people who fight only for the health insurance companies as they block and oppose any public health care option by telling old people Barack Obama will murder them if they support his health plan.  And they’re the same people who had no problem flushing a trillion dollars down the “Iraq weapons of mass destruction stimulus” for the evil and wealthy of America.

902485_9086_625x1000But as much as they work to satisfy the satanic masters who have long held the deed to their souls (while they hold these same minions by the shorthairs) and as much as they hide their true intentions, they cannot hide the truth from those of us with the special X-Ray Specs that reveal the real monsters underneath their masks.

Just as they cannot hide the truth that gets reported every day: