Greenius On The Scene: Plug-In 2009

Here’s a few shots from yesterday first full day of the Plug-In 2009 conference in Long Beach, California.  I’ll be back there today for more Greenius coverage to be published later this week.


The Creative Greenius with the new Nissan Leaf flat lithium ion battery.  They’ll be making Leafs in Tennessee and they will be making many more batteries than cars.  The Nissan spokesman told me they will be selling the battery as a standalone product too.  I’d like a set to convert my 1997 del Sol to an EV.                      


Here’s the Greenius with film director Chris Paine, Tesla owner, all around good guy, and the man behind “Who Killed The Electric Car.”  Chris spoke at the public panel this evening.


The Greenius checking out the J1772 connector plug for the BMW Mini-E with Mini-E driver and EV advocate Stefano Paris.  He charges his Mini-E from the solar power his rooftop PV generates.  Stefano installed the system himself.  He’s that kind of guy.

Stefano’s got a great website you should check out at:

P1050315The Greenius on the exhibition floor with Plug-In pioneer and expert, Paul Scott of Plug-In America.  I’ve learned a lot in the couple of years I’ve known Paul and he’s always generous with his time and expertise.  His own EV runs on sunshine from the solar panels on his roof.  His new blog is a must read for anyone who wants the inside scoop on the latest:

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