The REAL Climate Change Debate: Are All Deniers Evil or Are Some Merely Ignorant?

Either Way They Are More Dangerous To Your Future Than Any Terrorist


You wouldn’t know it from the mainstream media, your elected representatives or the folks at the US Chamber of Commerce, but we’re currently in the most threatening crisis our civilization has ever faced.  Sure, if you’re a regular Creative Greenius reader you’re already hip to the news, but that only puts you in very enlightened and highly entertained minority.

If you weren’t a fellow traveler along the path of discovery with me, you might believe there is still a debate about the major issues of climate change.  But you would be wrong.  There is no debate.  There is only a powerful propaganda campaign run by the corporate carbon collaborators and those who either embraced it with poisonous profit-driven passion or those who are the defiantly ignorant.

Just yesterday one of the worldwide leaders of the Deniers cult, a man whose blog has millions of readers, was exposed as the Crock of the Week – and the howling from Crazytown can be heard across the nation.  Join us after the jump for the video that deniers and obstructionists tried to keep you from watching: