That Super Sexy Clean Tech Roundtable, Part II of a Greenius Exclusive

If you’re like me you would have found yesterday’s gathering in Santa Monica a very sexy day at the beach.  And by sexy I mean hot and arousing, the way I get when serious people talk serious talk about renewable energy, about the revolution that’s needed to respond to climate change and about the reality of current world situation.  You know, the kind of stuff never discussed on television or in the newspapers anymore.  The kind of stuff that transcends the bread and circuses offered to the masses today.

The Broad Stage at Santa Monica College Parking Lot post Roundtable

But let’s face it, I’ve got a pretty unconventional sense of sexy and as one of the ace marketers of my generation I know what brand of sex sells best to the people.  That’s why I’d always like the features and benefits of any product I introduce to the mass market to be pointed out by someone like the young woman in the sunglasses above.  Having the world’s greatest car is nice.  But knowing how to sell it best is the kind of genius I can appreciate.