Greenius Salutes Greenpeace for Pittsburgh Climate Action – Demand Dramatic Action NOW

It’s time – right now – to take dramatic action on climate change if you care about preserving a livable civilization for your children and their children. At this moment we are right on track for “disastrous climate changes that spiral dynamically out of humanity’s control,” as Dr. James Hansen warmed us 15 months ago.  At that time he said we had 12 months in which to start acting.

While the paid-off ballwashers and sycophants of the fossil fuel industry sellout their country, our citizens and their own families’ future – for reasons only the people on their Bizzaro World home planet, can comprehend – the activists of Greenpeace are telling the truth and telling it in ways impossible to ignore.

They deserve your praise, your thanks and your admiration.  They are this era’s Paul Revere and they warn of the real calamity to come.  The true patriots of our country will heed that call and are already prepared to fight for a better climate.                        

G20 Summit Protests
Members of the environmental group Greenpeace hang from the side of the West End Bridge over the Ohio River with a banner in Pittsburgh, Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2009. Pittsburgh Police said eight of the nine people were arrested and charged with various misdemeanors. A ninth person is being charged with conspiracy. Greenpeace is urging action from President Barack Obama and the other leaders coming to the city for the G-20 summit. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

You can stand with Greenpeace or you can stand with the biggest collection of failures, incompetents, and screwups in the history of our country – the national leadership of the Republican party – who have done their best to destroy our environment, our economy and our own government on behalf of greed, arrogance and their own self-righteousness.


The very people who were wrong about literally everything during the last nine years, are hoping that you have become dumbed-down enough to still listen to their shameless lies and  fall for their Bernie Madoff-quality scams.

They have served as the climate’s death panel for that whole time and now gleefully lie to their own mothers and grandmothers about fantasy death panels for health care.


These same fear-filled phonies of failure spewed pure bullshit all summer long, deliberately delaying and obstructing in a blatant attempt to attack the President of the United States and sabotage America’s chances to get the change we overwhelmingly voted for.


My Republican friends – and all us – deserve better.  We deserve elected leaders who are not on a mission to prove our government DOESN’T work. When your only objective is sinking the ship to prove how unseaworthy it is then you are the political equivalent of a Somalian pirate and you should be held accountable the same way we hold those criminals accountable.


Our time has run out for polite conversation about the climate now.  We’re already past the point of evading real trouble ahead.  The only question on the table at this point is just how bad will it get and do we have ANY chance of stopping it.

It’s time to call on our leaders to take action now.   Greenpeace is making that call.  Now it’s your turn.

3 thoughts on “Greenius Salutes Greenpeace for Pittsburgh Climate Action – Demand Dramatic Action NOW

  1. Hi Joe!
    Thanks so much for this wonderful blog post!
    online organizer, greenpeaceusa

    From the Greenius:
    Wish I had been there in Pittsburgh hanging with you guys!
    Keep the pressure on and keep up the great work.


  2. AND MAJOR KUDOS for the heads up on the South Bay’s event on All California’s lonely eyes will turn toward you.

    green alohas,


  3. Fantastic post, Greenpeace salutes the Creative Greenius for his fantastic support-you were in Pittsburgh in spirit (so was I!)

    From the Greenius,

    I am honored and proud to be a Greenpeace volunteer and I’m lucky enough to get to work with Jenny Binstock on a daily basis.

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