The Sad States of Global Warming & Their Sorry Senators

Hey, Max Baucus and Jon Tester in Montana – Do either of you US Senators have a clue on climate change?  It sure doesn’t seem so from the weak, milquetoast style nonleadership you’re both dishing up on this issue that neither of you seems to understand too well.  We can’t afford your ignorance any longer.  Time to cowboy up fellas.  I know you both like to prance in front of the media in cowboy hats, but that phony play acting doesn’t get the job done on climate.  And yeah, I know you’re fellow Democrats, that’s why I have the right to be so frank and direct with you both.

My friends at the World Wildlife Fund are nicer about it in their new video directed at your fellow Montanans, but neither of you two public servants has earned that courtesy through your actions.

What about you Senators Snowe and Collins of Maine?  You’ve been two weak sisters when it comes to defending your own state against its greatest risk and there’s nothing “moderate” about that.  All that global warming isn’t just coming from women your age having hot flashes, or don’t you get that?  It doesn’t appear that you do, from your actions so far.  Don’t you love and care about the people of your own state?  If you do, you’re going to have to move at a much faster speed with a much sharper response ladies… Watch the Maine WWF video after the jump