350 Climate Action – South Bay Style! The Whole World is Watching…

Banners Revised round 3v2

That’s the banner that will be strung across Manhattan Ave in downtown Manhattan Beach next week to herald our South Bay 350 Climate Action Group event on the beach as our part of the International Day of Climate Action. It’s thanks to our host city of Manhattan Beach and our wonderful partners at the South Bay Environmental Services Center.

And here’s the banner that will be stretching across Highway 1 at Marine Avenue courtesy of our great allies at Surfrider Foundation

City of MB Banner Surfrider banner

We’ve got the entire South Bay fired up, ready to go!  And we’re reaching out to all 10 million citizens of the County of Los Angeles.  These are YOUR beaches, this is YOUR time, this is the issue of  YOUR generation.  Join us and lets stand shoulder to shoulder to take action for our children and their children!

That’s why the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted yesterday to pass a resolution declaring October 24, 2009 “International Day of Climate Action” for L.A. County.  Check it out after the jump.