Greenpeace CSI – On the Scene of a Climate Crime Spree!

I’m very proud to be a Greenpeace volunteer and supporter and I had a blast last night at the Greenpeace holiday party in Silver Lake with Southern California Field Organizer for Greenpeace, the amazing Jenny Binstock.  I’ve met and worked with some terrific people through Greenpeace Los Angeles and most of them were there last night.  I’m very excited about our plans for the year ahead.

This morning I woke up to the latest sheer creative greenius on the part of the masters at Greenpeace who staged an action in our nation’s capitol that is absolutely brilliant!  Their Climate Emergency Response Team went into action at the scene of the crime – The US Chamber of Horrors – I mean Commerce  – HQ in DC.  I sure wish I could have been there!

View the climate crime scene photos after the jump

The only thing I’m missing from these on-the-scene-of-the-crime photos from the Greenpeace CSI team is the perp walk pix.  I can’t wait to see notorious climate criminal, Tommy “Death” Donohue trussed up in handcuffs and pushed into a squad car.  But that day is coming, and I’m sure my pals from Greenpeace will be there.

Greenpeace Activists place Climate Crime Banners on the exterior of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Building in Washington Dec. 17, 2009. Activists ascended 25-foot ladders and crisscrossed the building with oversized crime scene tape reading: Climate Policy Hostage Area// Global Warming Crime Scene The COC has committed a series of climate crimes including: misinformation of the public on the issue of climate change, stalling action on global warming legislation, and holding the international climate talks hostage. Activists are calling on President Obama to show leadership and shed the influence of lobbyists.

This global warming crime scene was quickly taped off by Greenpeace activists as a hostage negotiator attempted to make contact with the group. Tension mounted as the negotiator and activists attempted to convince the Chamber to “put down the coal, step away from the climate talks, and set the world free.”

Remember Climate Criminals – if you don’t want to do the time, then you better stop doing the crime.  We’re coming for you…

The Greenpeace climate crime unit intervened at the scene of the crime, confronting the lobbyists who work for the very industries who create and profit from criminal climate destruction.

One thought on “Greenpeace CSI – On the Scene of a Climate Crime Spree!

  1. Thank you SO much for writing and posting this! First of all, I enjoy your writing. I just love large organizations with a sense of humor, and particularly when it’s a very serious organization, with a very serious goal. Still, you know they had a lot of fun putting this together!

    I was standing in the street, chatting with a neighbor, last night… and the ambulance from this episode pulls into a driveway down the street. Definitely one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time. Even more funny, since they had HVAC problems, last week — complete with truck. Our neighbor works for Greenpeace, but I was both amused and impressed by the level of detail that was put into this operation — even more so, now that I’ve read your blog and watched the video. Again, thank you ever so much for helping to publicize this amazing event — amazing in more than one sense of the term!

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