Why We’re Taking It To The Streets on Friday, December 11 – Shining Our Light On Copenhagen

The Copenhagen Climate Treaty talks start next week on Monday, the 7th of December, a day that already lives in infamy but now awaits a new nom de plume.

At the end of the first week of those talks, people all around the world will take to the streets of their communities to hold Candlelight Vigils for Survival. We’ll be holding our South Bay Los Angeles 350 Climate Action community’s candlelight vigil in Hermosa Beach.

The reason we’ll be out there is because we know that we’re the ones responsible for President Obama deciding to go to Copenhagen and that we’ll also be the ones who help convince him to lead us to a real deal that gets us to 350ppm.

We know he heard us on October 24, and we’ll make sure he hears us again on December 11.  We know he needs our voices to drown out the Greenhouse Gas Gang who are freaking out because when we cut emissions we cut their profits.