Greenius on No Fireworks in Hermosa Keeps the City Green

To view this video, you may need to install Flash player version 8 or greater. Also, please make sure Javascript is enabled in your browser's preferences. Fourth of July Hermosa Beach fireworks banner hangs on The Strand.

Hermosa Beach doesn’t do Fourth of July fireworks as part of its annual Independence Day tradition. That’s way too conventional for a city that features an annual drinking and hurling competition right on the beach, and its own version of a bacchanalian Mardi Gras on the Strand, complete with Michael Jackson impersonation performances.

Besides, who needs to blow up $115,000 worth of disposable income, like Torrance does at its Wilson Park extravaganza, when you’ve got rich neighbors in Redondo who will fork the bill for not one, but two 9 p.m. fireworks shows, one from a barge off the pier and the other from the Seaside Lagoon?

Both shows are easily visible from Hermosa Beach, as well as the skyborne pyrotechnics from Marina Del Rey and even Santa Monica.

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