Greenius on Time for Redondo Beach to Step It Up Environmentally

To view this video, you may need to install Flash player version 8 or greater. Also, please make sure Javascript is enabled in your browser's preferences. Joe Galliani, Patch environmental columnist, looks for green leadership at Redondo Beach City Hall.

The address on my California drivers license has said Redondo Beach since 1993 and when I travel anywhere in the world it’s the city of Redondo Beach they see listed as my hometown on my passport. I’ve been proud to be identified as a Redondo resident for over 17 years now and I readily sing the praises of Redondo Beach and the people who live and work here.

But one thing I never talk or write about is how sustainable a city Redondo Beach is, or how much the city and its citizens care about the environment. I haven’t written about those things because they’re simply not part of Redondo’s consciousness.

My column last week on the environmental shortcomings of the Riviera Village Summer Festival garnered zero comments online and no feedback to me personally. I wasn’t surprised, since green issues seem to be on the back burner in Redondo Beach, allowed to simmer and heat while we ignore them and pay attention elsewhere.

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