Greenius on It’s Not Easy Being Green, But it’s Fun in Hermosa

Along with being called the "Eco Police," columnist Joe Galliani says he's happy to be called an "Eco Ranger," too.

My column last week on Fourth of July fireworks and their environmental impact had an explosive impact of its own, as my back-and-forth with a right wing blogger in the comments section helped make it the most popular article on Hermosa Beach | Patch for five straight days.

The truth is, the one-day-a-year environmental problems caused by Independence Day fireworks is a miniscule issue compared to the damage we cause every day using fossil fuels to power our transportation, as well as electricity and heat.

But a larger issue emerged from the reaction to my fireworks article, and my tough stance on those who practice a deadly business-as-usual approach to climate change at the expense of our younger generations and the future.

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