The Big Green Bus is Coming to Manhattan Beach!

The sensationally sustainable Sona Kalapura is bringing the Big Green Bus to Manhattan Beach on August 2 and August 3.

The Greenius will be there both days to help support Manhattan Beach’s efforts and get to hang with some of the greenest, smartest and most environmentally hip people I know anywhere.

Greenpeace Shutting Down BP Stations in the UK

Bravo to Greenpeace for once again cutting to the heart of the matter and showing us the right way to deal with the oil industry today.

I admire and respect Greenpeace for actions like these which show more smarts and more courage than anyone in our government does.

While our national elected leaders fiddle, delay and obstruct as the planet heads for hell and high water, environmental activists like these Creative Greenius types who belong to Greenpeace are our last best hope for doing the right thing.

Greenius on Dear AES: Here’s A Better Idea for Your Next 100 Years in Redondo Beach

The 1940s era prison-like exterior of this part of the AES power plant would be transformed into a innovative model for clean, renewable energy production in the South Bay if Patch columnist Joe Galliani's vision is realized

Last week the Redondo Beach City Council missed a chance to show some creativity or courage when they decided to punt on engaging with AES Southland over the company’s future plans for the big, gray, hulking concrete monolith looming over Harbor Drive and the 52 acres of prime coastal real estate the power plant takes up.

Councilman Bill Brand was unsuccessful in requesting that the City investigate a rezoning of the land to phase out its industrial use, with no other member of the Council being willing to even second a motion to vote on it.

Councilman Pat Aust reflected the fear factor filling the hearts of his fellow motionless colleagues when he was quoted warning, “It’s not the time to be picking a fight with the bigger bully on the block.”

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Greenius on Finding Free Green to Fund the Green Idea City

Illustration of air leaking into and out of your home (Courtesty of the Los Angeles County Energy Program)

I don’t need to tell you how tight money is today. The economy may technically be “in recovery,” but everyone I know has been spending less, cancelling services, delaying big purchases and taking another staycation. Even the banks are playing it frugal, extending little credit and approving few loans.

So the new and innovative AB 811 — property assessed clean energy bond program — scheduled to roll out this month, looked like a godsend with its easy-to-get loans for property owners to fund energy improvements, including solar photovoltaic (PV) systems to generate renewable green power, for example.

I’ve been writing about this program since 2008, just a few months after Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the bill. I’ve attended conferences across the state, learning the details, and writing about the progress of the first cities and counties to make loans to their citizens, and giving presentations locally to update the South Bay.

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