Wising Up About Energy Use

efficient-homeYour Creative Greenius has been working hard around my home and office to cut my needless electricity use.  Not only do I power down my computers at night, but I now have four different power strips that get shut off too.  The difference that’s made in cutting my “phantom energy use” has been serious in cutting my bill from SCE, not to mention my personal carbon footprint.

I also spend time volunteering for the South Bay Environmental Services Center in which I try to spread the energy savings and conservation message to everyone I come in contact with.  All intelligent people know that if we practiced energy efficiency seriously in the United States we could save billions and billions of dollars and cut our greenhouse gas emissions by huge amounts.  If you hear someone arguing against conservation and efficiency you know you’re talking to someone who is easily proven wrong.

But what if we each knew exactly how much energy every electrical appliance we plug into our wall sockets actually used? And what if we knew exactly how much each appliance cost us?  Think you might use that knowledge and your lizard brain and start to use your electricity more wisely?   Is it possible you could actually practice some cognitive behavior?  Maybe you can’t do that in your personal relationships, but I bet you can if it saves you money on your electric bill.