Greenius on Hands Across the Hermosa Sand

To view this video, you may need to install Flash player version 8 or greater. Also, please make sure Javascript is enabled in your browser's preferences. Hermosa Beach Hands Across the Sands volunteers stand along the coastline.

A typical June gloom morning on the beach at 26th Street couldn’t put a damper on the determined group of 50 to 60 concerned residents who participated in a Surfrider Foundation beach cleanup Saturday.

The trash pickup work, which I was happy to participate in, was the prelude to our part in the nationwide Hands Across the Sand action, designed to bring people from all walks of life and political persuasions together to say no to offshore drilling and yes to switching to clean energy

Despite the work already done that morning by the tractor the county uses to rake and collect trash on the beach, I had no problem finding cigarette butts, small pieces of Styrofoam, food wrappers and all matter of plastic parts and pieces everywhere I looked on the sand.

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