My Gorgeous Wife Debra Doing The Amazing Waving Human Tide Line Saturday

I’ve been married to Debra Bushweit Galliani since August 2, 1981. There may have been beauty queens and bikini babes galore on the beach with us for our International Day of Climate Action but I only have eyes for this girl starting the wave from the front of the line!

That's Debra in the red 350 shirt she hand painted. She's the VP of the Southern California Horticultural Society and a long term board member of the South Coast Botanic Gardens.

2 thoughts on “My Gorgeous Wife Debra Doing The Amazing Waving Human Tide Line Saturday

  1. She looks like a really kind / interesting and interested, caring person. Way to go Debra and all who participated on the International Day of Climate Action! I am from Canada in Whitehorse Yukon. We had a 350 plus group HUG around our legislature.

    The Greenius: Thanks for your kind caring comment, Diana, and Debra sends you her best. Sending you Southern California greetings as well to you and all our 350 brothers and sisters in Whitehorse Yukon! Love to see a photo of your group HUG around the legislature.

  2. So happy that Debra was there for you and all of us too. Take a look along the line and you will see me gazing upwards in my blue cap and sunglasses behind the balding man behind the sign 350. What a Stupendous Day!
    I’m so angry and disappointed about the news today. Delaying any kind of action is certainly not the way to go. I’m about to read your blog on the postponed Copenhagen meeting now.

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