Greenius on KPCC with Patt Morrison Talking About the Pew Poll on Global Warming

I’ve been a proud member-supporter of KPCC FM 89.3 for many years and they are my NPR station of choice here in Los Angeles.  I listen to them every single morning and have since 1993.  I love Airtalk with Larry Mantle, I love the Patt Morrision show, I love Off Ramp with John Rabe on the weekends, I love Steve Julian with the local news and I love Kitty Felde reporting from Washington DC.

What I didn’t love was how they ignored the largest climate action in the history of Southern California and instead sent a reporter to cover the mindless dancing of Michael Jackson’s Thriller at L.A. Live this weekend instead of covering the real news.  That was a decision made the multiple Golden Mike award winning Nick Roman, news director and someone I met while doing weekly commentaries on KLON FM88 in Long Beach during 1983-1985.

Hard to imagine that decision being in the best interest of you, me or anyone else in the listening audience isn’t it?  Especially in light of all the coverage given the now dead pop star since his overdose death from drug use.

I had to phone into the Patt Morrison show today to spin the topic of the Pew Poll on Global Warming to focus this story where it needs to be.  You can listen for yourself right here.  My call comes at the 9:53 mark in the program.