My Gorgeous Wife Debra Doing The Amazing Waving Human Tide Line Saturday

I’ve been married to Debra Bushweit Galliani since August 2, 1981. There may have been beauty queens and bikini babes galore on the beach with us for our International Day of Climate Action but I only have eyes for this girl starting the wave from the front of the line!

That's Debra in the red 350 shirt she hand painted. She's the VP of the Southern California Horticultural Society and a long term board member of the South Coast Botanic Gardens.

Electrified Blondes in Convertibles For Everyone!



I have seen the future my friends and it looks exactly like a 76 degree January day filled with beautiful people driving gorgeous plug-in hybrid and plug-in electric cars.  Come with me now as I take you there…




And do not let anyone tell you that you must wait for this tomorrow, because you don’t.  It is already here today.  Your Greenius was there and I have the photos. Read more