Electrified Blondes in Convertibles For Everyone!



I have seen the future my friends and it looks exactly like a 76 degree January day filled with beautiful people driving gorgeous plug-in hybrid and plug-in electric cars.  Come with me now as I take you there…




And do not let anyone tell you that you must wait for this tomorrow, because you don’t.  It is already here today.  Your Greenius was there and I have the photos.


It looks like Mrs Greenius has found her next car!

Saturday, January 17, 2009, Santa Monica, California – Inaugural Parade West

Electric cars everywhere you looked, quiet as a mouse and making a total mockery out of General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler who could have been making these cars for the last decade, but instead had to be pushed to the brink of bankruptcy and shame-filled failure before they would start even  talking about making these cars.


But now change has come to America, the people are more than ready, and the cars are here.  Only the car company’s are still waiting and still making and selling cars that contribute to global warming.  The Creative Greenius suggests you let those cars rot on the showroom floor.  No one needs to buy another new gas powered car.  Keep your old car, or buy an inexpensive used car.  Save your money.  The Plug-Ins are coming and you should wait till they get here before buying your next new car.  Otherwise you’ll just be buying a dinosaur that you’ll have to pay to convert or dispose of.


That’s Zan Dubin Scott speaking to a throng of press and public at the Santa Monica Civic.  She lives in a solar powered house and drives an electric car.  You could too.


p10204561Zan wants to make sure she gets Paul Scott’s intro right.  He’s one of the co-founder’s of Plug-In America and he’s also Zan’s husband.  Few have done more for the Plug-In Car movement.


p1020460Chris Paine, Director of “Who Killed The Electric Car” at the podium.  He has been part of this movement from the beginning.  Now he drives a Tesla.


Chris is currently working on the sequel to his blockbuster hit, “Revenge of the Electric Car” and had a crew shooting footage at the event.

p1020463 That’s Ed Kjaer at the podium above.  Since 1999, Ed has been Director of the Electric Transportation Division at Southern California Edison. Besides knowing about as much as anyone about electric cars, Ed is a great speaker and one of the coolest guys you’d ever want to meet.  If everyone could hear Ed talk about the smart grid and how plug-in cars make it possible to inventory electricity then we’d already be building that grid today.


Another of my favorite people on the Southern California environmental scene is State Senator Fran Pavley who also spoke at the press conference. See, you really should have been there.  If you had been you would have heard the women I’m pegging as a future United States Senator from California.


In 2002 when she was just a freshman California Assemblywoman, this former school teacher worked with Bluewater Network (which later merged with Friends of the Earth ) to author the Assembly Bill that made California the first state to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in automobiles.

From there she went on to author and spearhead AB 32 our Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006.  So you KNOW I’m a huge supporter of hers and a big fan.


Speaking of women I’m fans of… That’s glamorous Plug-In America President Linda Nicholes and film and television star, Alexandra Paul, long known for her passionate advocacy of electric cars


When it comes to advocacy for Plug-Ins, Stefano Paris (below) has been everywhere and anywhere digitally documenting every key event and then sharing his work on the web site he hosts as his contribution to electrifying our transportation.  That’s Mr. Paris shooting new footage from the back seat of AC Propulsions’s E-Box.  Look for the footage soon as part of his event report on his web site.

Click on this photo to see Stefano Paris' video production of the event.

There’s three different plug-in alternatives for you below, a Tesla, a Mitsubishi MiEV and a Plug-In hybrid coverted Prius.  Plug them in, charge them up, drive silent, drive clean.


You say you’re looking for something a little larger?






This might have been the most important electric vehicle at the parade.  It’s going to change the world of our Los Angeles and Long Beach ports.  Right now the dock workers and the people who live near the ports are choking on the worst air pollution anywhere in the area.  The ports need to go all electric and the groups whining and moaning about it need to stop killing people with their greenhouse gases and replace their old world equipment.  This driver told the press he loves his electric truck.



Toyota keeps talking about making a plug-in but don’t hold your breath till they bring it to market.  Meanwhile the plug-in EV RAV-4s they made in 1997-2003 are still working just fine – the ones they didn’t crush and actually allowed people to buy.

p1020495People use them every day in every way to do what they need a small SUV to do.  The batteries work just fine.  Imagine that.  You’d think the batteries couldn’t even get you out of the driveway the way Rick Wagoner at GM keeps making excuses and dragging his feet.



That’s right those are solar panels that all electric Toyota RAV4 is towing.  That’s EE Solar’s RAV4 and it has gone over 116,000 miles oil free.



A school teacher owns this car.  I spoke with one of his very proud students who was also taking photos of the car.

p1310481We can dump both Killer Coal and Big Oil by generating our electricity with solar panels and charging your electric car with the all clean, all green energy from the sun.  That’s what our friend Moira and her husband Dency do.


I told you the beautiful people were all there.

tom-gageThis is Tom Gage the President and CEO of AC Propulsion.  I’ve heard him speak at the Plug-In conference.  The man is brilliant and his company makes advanced technology products you can drive today.  If you can afford them.


This gentlemen in the green AC Propulsion shirt, clearly Tom’s stunt double, was at the event in Santa Monica, and although he is in fact also brilliant, he is not the actual Mr. Gage. He is none other than Paul Carosa, AC’s VP of Engineering, part owner, and one of the company principals.  There is no truth to the rumor there is cloning going on at AC Propulsion’s facility… unless you’re talking about the electric vehicles.

Proof of that is the actual electric plug-in EBox which was at the parade in all its glory.


Not only is this Stefano Paris’ favorite car, it’s Tom Hanks’ too. That “V2G” over the wheel stands for Vehicle to Grid.  You can read all about it in my Greenius guide to plug-ins and my coverage of Plug-In 2008.

And if we’re going to talk about movie stars I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the Nicole Kidman of the Plug-In movement, the always radiant, Chelsea Sexton, was also on hand to share her first-hand experiences with GM’s ill-fated EV1 and the future of electric cars.


And of course, your never humble Creative Greenius was on the scene to bring you this first hand report with my own photos as well as the superb camera work by Debra Bushweit Galliani who took the following shots.





I’m sorry new President Barack Obama wasn’t able to join us in the gorgeous California sunshine and warmth.  I understand he was on the railroad train all day.

But he was here in spirit as the Santa Monica Civic parking lot and the surrounding streets were filled with Yes We Can people who are changing the world at every given opportunity.  I was very proud to be there to share the morning and the excitement with them and to continue to learn from some of the best.


It’s happening here in the Golden State my friends and soon there will be electrified blonds in convertibles for everyone because we are the straw that stirs the drink.

See?  One voice really can change the world.

11 thoughts on “Electrified Blondes in Convertibles For Everyone!

  1. Dear Greenius !! Wonderful Coverage, and even better photos. Would love to have you include our Green EV Parade from the Seattle EV Association. One of our members here is on the Board of Plug-In-America, and after hearing of their hopes to be in Washington DC Parade, and shifting to California, we thoght it only fitting that WE also have an EV Parade round Seattle.
    Weather cooperated. Thousands of folks down through the Pike Place Market, and the University of Washington U-District. We only had a few days to put the EV-ent together, but I remeber being at a stop light with a GAS Mazda Miata along side, and said yah (my driver) ITS ELECTRIC, and there ”s a whole bunch BEHIND ME… As I shot off from the Green Light, with all that Electric Torque ! He will not soon forget !

    Let me know if there is a way, I could send you a few pictures from Our EV-ent..

    All Charged UP – YES WE CAN
    Steve Lough
    Seattle EV Association
    Chapter of the EAA

  2. Hi Joe:

    Ditto to Steven Lough’s comments! I am one of the SEVA members participating in yesterday’s Seattle EV parade and it was *fun*! I drive a 2008 ZENN electric car and it was great to be out and about showing her off with all her local EV friends. Of course, driving her daily, as I do, shows her off all the time! Here’s to a greener, cleaner future!

    Deb Seymour (& “Zoe” ZENN Car)
    Seattle Electric Vehicle Association

  3. Joe scooped everybody with his so-well-informed, comprehensive, “he gets it” coverage and photo gallery. Plug In America sends many thanks and gratitude for the support and smarts to Creative Greenius!

    1. Thanks Zan! But all the praise goes to Plug in America and its supporters. There would have been nothing to write about if PIA wasn’t so creative, innovative and successful in showing us what’s possible right now, right here.

      Plug In. Power Up. Drive the Change.

    1. Thanks Linda,
      In case anyone’s wondering, Linda is not only an Electrified Blonde she’s also the President of Plug-In America and a proud owner/driver of a Tesla.

  4. What an incredible EVent. Our electrons are still buzzing. I am the electrified blonde in the red Mazda Miata. I can’t say “thank you” enough to all those who made this happen. And to be sandwiched between two Teslas was a real thrill.

  5. Since I saw “Who Killed the Electric Car” I haven’t stopped researching about this stuff. My eyes are opened now!

    I really hope the word changes and the big corporations stop being so greedy ,they have to realize they’re hurting the planet and themselves.

    Can you imagine what an utopia world it would be if all the planet had this technologies working right now?!
    Congratulations, thank you, and my deep respect for all the people that are working for this cause.

    From the Greenius:
    Thanks Julio. I felt the same way that you did after I first saw “Who Killed the Electric Car?” when it was released in the theaters a few years ago. Since then I’ve been fortunate enough to meet several of the people who were in that great documentary and I’ve been proud to be a member of Plug-In America, the organization which was born in the protests against the killing of the electric car.

    A much better day is coming, Julio and you’ll have your choice of several different electric cars from companies much better than GM ever was over the next few years, beginning in 2010.

  6. Hey, I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog and great substance. Wow!… You dig deep and you dig hard. Thanks for doing all that work for the people.

    Consider me a regular reader now and a fan!
    Keep up the good work!

    – Marc Shaw

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