Greenius Drinks L.A. Times’ Milkshake On Global Warming

But some scientists say that weaning the world off coal is crucial to slowing the devastating effects of climate change.


Really, Los Angeles Times? “Some Scientists?” That’s your report?  You actually printed that?

Is that the same thing as 99% of the world’s scientists? As in every major recognized science organization and association? Is that what you’re saying?  Is that what “some” is?

Because that sure doesn’t sound like what you’re saying.

It sounds like you’re saying that only “some” scientists think weaning us off coal is the single most crucial thing we must do to cut the greenhouse gas emissions that are driving us to a climate catastrophe.  It sounds like you’re saying that there’s even more scientists who think we shouldn’t.  It sounds like the Los Angeles Times is telling us there is still a viable debate on this subject.

And if you’re saying that, then you’re simply full of shit and wrong and it’s my job to call you on it.  Sorry, but it’s too late in the game for polite language.

Dr. James Hansen Has Something To Tell You

This just in from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, via her blog (thanks to Joe Romm of Climate Progress)


Today, Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid sent the following letter to the Acting Architect of the Capitol, Stephen T. Ayers, asking that the Capitol Power Plant (CPP) use 100 percent natural gas for its operations. They write, “the switch to natural gas will allow the CPP to dramatically reduce carbon and criteria pollutant emissions, eliminating more than 95 percent of sulfur oxides and at least 50 percent of carbon monoxide…We strongly encourage you to move forward aggressively with us on a comprehensive set of policies for the entire Capitol complex and the entire Legislative Branch to quickly reduce emissions and petroleum consumption through energy efficiency, renewable energy, and clean alternative fuels.”

Your Greenius says, the threat of Monday’s civil disobedience got this letter written and I hope the action itself moves us from letters to legislation.  I strongly encourage Speaker Pelosi to join the Capitol Climate Action civil disobedience protest and get arrested on March the 2nd to show where she stands.  She’s already in DC, it’s only a few blocks away, Speaker.  Go ahead and march on over, even if it’s cold.


Why NPR Hates Electric Cars – A Greenius Expose

0623-npr-cvrAfter hearing Frank Langfitt’s report on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition yesterday morning I quickly realized two things.

1. Frank doesn’t know too much about electric cars and didn’t do much research before recording his segment.


2. Frank doesn’t like electric cars very much and doesn’t want you to either.

I immediately began to wonder why.  Why was Frank hating on EVs?  What’s behind Frank’s bete noir car thing with EV’s?  Why did he call his report, “Electric Cars Still Years Away?”  Does he really believe that fairy tale?

This was a mystery that only the Greenius could solve.

Creative Greenius is EV Driven

I am very excited to announce my participation in the launch of

badge-evd1We are an on-line community of people who are passionate about Electric Vehicles and we’re not shy about it. We have come together to find and organize the best content from blogs and other web sites. The goal is to create a place where it’s easy to find current and highly relevant content.

And we intend to stimulate and grow new connections – a whole lot of them. Starting right now.

Greenius On The South Bay Scene – The Green Report

If you want to have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening on the South Bay green scene being on Dency Nelson’s Friends for A Green Hermosa Beach e-mail list is a pretty damn good place to start.


The green story of Dency Nelson is worth an entire blog onto itself, but he’s far too busy and actively involved to ever have time for that.  His green roots go back to the 1970s along with those of his friend, Ed Begley Jr.

Ed became a star in front of the camera, Dency became a superstar on the other side of the camera.  Today they both drive electric cars powered from the charge generated via their rooftop solar panels.

Today, I think a new TV series called “Living With Dency” has the potential to be an even bigger hit than “Living With Ed”  has been.  After all, Dency lives in the far more telegenic South Bay and his solar panels have an ocean view…

Greenius Is Fired Up Over Obama’s Green Economic Recovery Bill!

environmental-progress-399-x-695President Obama Steps Up To Save The Economy & The Climate While Republicans No Longer Relevant

I wholeheartedly applaud, support and endorse President Barack Obama’s signing of the $787 billion economic recovery bill just moments ago.  I cheer his rapid action less than a month after taking office to start getting us out of the Bush Depression – both literally and figuratively.

This bill is not only the most sweeping economic recovery package in our nation’s history, it’s also the greenest.

Fortunately for all of us, climate change guru, Joe Romm of Climate Progress, has already done the heavy lifting and outlined just how green and positive this new bill is.  Read:

Here’s What’s Green In It

Failed Local Paper Put Out Of Its Misery – By Creative Greenius!

Greenius Blog Fires Daily Breeze Editors, Takes Over Environmental Coverage

fired_you_doorIn a surprise to to all but the most savvy readers of this blog, Joe Galliani, the Creative Greenius, today fired the editors of The Daily Breeze newspaper and took over responsibility for all local environmental news coverage and analysis.

I’d like to thank Phil Sanfield, Toni Sciacqua and Mike Carroll for the time they spent doing whatever it is they did with the paper – but I really can’t, not based on their truly lousy job performance.

They never worked very hard and they spent way too much time making personal phone calls and just goofing off.  I’ve been carrying them for far too long and it’s time for them to go now And when I say ‘now,’ I mean as in hours ago,” said Galliani who informed the three editors of their termination via e-mail.

The Greenius Plan For General Motors

We Must Destroy GM In Order To Save GM

I’m afraid the time has come to pull the plug on GM’s life support so we can plug into a whole new kind of Motors much better than General.  I’m talking about electric motors.  EVs.

hitman22And I’m talking about killing GM the way GM killed the electric car.

With extreme prejudice.

With a bullet to the brain.

The brain of GM will never feel it.  The brain of GM has been dead for a long time now.

Here’s what I’m proposing:

Welcome AlphaInventions.Com Readers & Happy Valentines Day

explode-traffic1As our Creative Greenius traffic continues to multiply exponentially – we’ve now surpassed our entire 2008 page hit total in just the first 42 days of 2009 – one of the reasons why is referrals from other web sites.

And when it comes to referrals no single source has given us more traffic then a website that offers an ever changing shuffle mix of blogs from all around the planet, including Creative Greenius.

So Green Greetings readers who have stumbled upon this site. I invite you to enjoy a visit with us.  I’m here to cleverly cut through the crap to change the climate.  Literally and figuratively.

As your host I want you to make yourself comfortable, kick your shoes off, unbuckle your belt, have a refreshing beverage or imbibe as is your want.

Enjoy a tasty chocolate treat or snack item while you’re here.  Look! I’ve just baked chocolate chip cookies for everyone as a Valentines gift:


If you’re not too busy, maybe you can help me save your children and your children’s children by waking everyone up, setting them straight and showing them way out from here.

Don’t worry, I know the way.  I’ve got a good map.


Shouldn’t We ALL Be Going to PowerShift 2009?


I know I should be in Washington DC in two weeks to help take over the capitol on behalf of green jobs, clean energy and ending our carbon-based economy.

I know I should be there contributing, blogging and shooting pictures, marching and lobbying and networking with my green brothers and sisters in arms.

I know I should be there with the 10,000 young people who are gathering in Washington to hold our elected officials’ feet to the accountability fire.

“I can’t understand why there aren’t rings of young people blocking bulldozers and preventing them from constructing coal-fired power plants.” – Al Gore