The Greenius Plan For General Motors

We Must Destroy GM In Order To Save GM

I’m afraid the time has come to pull the plug on GM’s life support so we can plug into a whole new kind of Motors much better than General.  I’m talking about electric motors.  EVs.

hitman22And I’m talking about killing GM the way GM killed the electric car.

With extreme prejudice.

With a bullet to the brain.

The brain of GM will never feel it.  The brain of GM has been dead for a long time now.

Here’s what I’m proposing:

Seize and Nationalize the bankrupt General Motors Corporation.  The bailout money they already got should grant us that right.  So should their constant whining and threats to go chapter 11.

Fire everyone above the level of manager at GM.  Make them leave their offices immediately without getting to take anything home with them.

Not everyone agrees with the Greenius.  Click on the photo to read a different take.
Not everyone agrees with the Greenius. Click on the photo to read a different take.

No severance.  No package.  No COBRA.  No health care, no dental, no vision.  See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya.

Put Dr. Andrew Frank, Andy Grove and Elon Musk in charge of the new National Electric Motors Corporation.

Immediately cease making all current internal combustion engine vehicles.  Retool all the GM factories to make plug-in hybrids and plug-in electric cars and trucks.

Equip all the GM Dealerships to convert the existing fleet of gasoline powered cars and trucks to plug-in hybrids and full electric vehicles.

Sell every new plug-in car owner a solar or wind powered charging station for their car.  Install solar and wind charging stations at every meter and parking space in America.

Why wait?  The current crew at GM aren’t going to build the cars we need soon enough and they have no plan to convert the millions and millions of cars they now have on the road. All they’re going to do is continue to embarrass themselves and disappoint us.  We’ve had enough already.

This way we get rid of all the dead wood at the top and we keep all the middle class and working class jobs.  Actually in the Greenius plan we do much better than just keep those existing jobs.  We’re going to need a whole lot of new people to retool the plants and the dealerships.  We’re going to need a huge new national pool of workers to convert the existing fleet of vehicles.

There you go.  Another Creative Greenius solution.  Fired Up, Shovel Ready to Go.

4 thoughts on “The Greenius Plan For General Motors

  1. The Auto industry CEO’s bitching about imminent financial collapse is as pathetic as the Banking industry CEO’s claims that they NEED to pay those multi million dollar salaries every year to “attract the right kind of talent.” GM had YEARS to get the message that people want renewable energy cars. On top of everything else you suggest, I think we should sue them for fraud.

    Greenius: And people say I’M tough!

  2. This is a brilliant idea! The oil companies and car manufacturers have done everything in their power to slow or stop any progress in the area of acheiving national energy independence. The GM situation offers an unprecedented opportunity for the American people to take the reins, a time for self-determination by citizens to take precedence over the agendas of corporations. And we actually have a party in power that isn’t pre-disposed to destroying the idea! The questions remain: how do we seize this opportunity? How do we get our government to take action?

  3. I’ve been a fan of Elon Musk for a long time. This is one of the most GREENIUS ideas you’ve had, Joe (and you’ve had a lot). When doctors have to step in for Darwinism, it should be to make an organism better. The same goes for capitalism. When the government has to slap the invisible hand, it bears the responsibility to not let that hand do the same misdeed. Did you send this idea to Oh, and go Lakers!

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