Welcome AlphaInventions.Com Readers & Happy Valentines Day

explode-traffic1As our Creative Greenius traffic continues to multiply exponentially – we’ve now surpassed our entire 2008 page hit total in just the first 42 days of 2009 – one of the reasons why is referrals from other web sites.

And when it comes to referrals no single source has given us more traffic then alphainventions.com a website that offers an ever changing shuffle mix of blogs from all around the planet, including Creative Greenius.

So Green Greetings alphainventions.com readers who have stumbled upon this site. I invite you to enjoy a visit with us.  I’m here to cleverly cut through the crap to change the climate.  Literally and figuratively.

As your host I want you to make yourself comfortable, kick your shoes off, unbuckle your belt, have a refreshing beverage or imbibe as is your want.

Enjoy a tasty chocolate treat or snack item while you’re here.  Look! I’ve just baked chocolate chip cookies for everyone as a Valentines gift:


If you’re not too busy, maybe you can help me save your children and your children’s children by waking everyone up, setting them straight and showing them way out from here.

Don’t worry, I know the way.  I’ve got a good map.


One thought on “Welcome AlphaInventions.Com Readers & Happy Valentines Day

  1. Hello: I like your site. A curious question. Does baking CCC’s add carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases to the air? They do look very good and I wonder how many are now left. At our house most would be gone by now. Alphainventions has made our Blog world a whole lot easier. mc

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