Shouldn’t We ALL Be Going to PowerShift 2009?


I know I should be in Washington DC in two weeks to help take over the capitol on behalf of green jobs, clean energy and ending our carbon-based economy.

I know I should be there contributing, blogging and shooting pictures, marching and lobbying and networking with my green brothers and sisters in arms.

I know I should be there with the 10,000 young people who are gathering in Washington to hold our elected officials’ feet to the accountability fire.

“I can’t understand why there aren’t rings of young people blocking bulldozers and preventing them from constructing coal-fired power plants.” – Al Gore

And I know I should especially be there on March 2 for the Capitol Climate Action when thousands will participate in the largest mass civil disobedience on behalf of the climate in U.S. history.


Maybe you didn’t know there was a coal-fired power plant spewing greenhouse gases, mercury and a very bad vibe just blocks from Capitol Hill.  But America is going to know all about it in a couple of weeks.  The Greenius predicts the creative and highly organized protest is going to rock the media.

I should be there, but I won’t be.  I’ll be serving the cause in other ways from 3000 miles away.  But I’ll be there in spirit and I’ll be helping some other folks get there.

posterthumbnail_1You should be there too, and maybe you still can.

Maybe you really must.

Think about it, especially if you have kids.  A multigenerational trip to Washington DC with your children is exactly what this unprecedented time in our history calls for. It’s not going to get any more educational than this.

It sure as hell beats a trip to Disneyland now that Tomorrow Land is no longer looking like an E-ticket ride.

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