Light Up Your Future At The Manhattan Beach Pier 8pm Saturday March 29

MB2025 Pier flier FINAL hi rezSome cities just turn out the lights for an hour to celebrate Earth Hour.  But not Manhattan Beach which is launching its MB2025 vision of a 100% renewably energy powered city by 2025 at a special forum in the late afternoon and then filling the world famous Manhattan Beach pier with hundreds of people for Earth Hour to demonstrate their support for clean energy and their ability to Light Up Your Future.  Hosted by the Mayor and City Council of Manhattan Beach and featuring an uplifting live music performance from the Hawaiian ukulele recording group Pihemanu, this event will be live streamed to a worldwide on-line audience.  The world leader in LED lighting, LEDtronics has generously donated 500 LED candles and holders.

My Gorgeous Wife Debra Doing The Amazing Waving Human Tide Line Saturday

I’ve been married to Debra Bushweit Galliani since August 2, 1981. There may have been beauty queens and bikini babes galore on the beach with us for our International Day of Climate Action but I only have eyes for this girl starting the wave from the front of the line!

That's Debra in the red 350 shirt she hand painted. She's the VP of the Southern California Horticultural Society and a long term board member of the South Coast Botanic Gardens.

Bill McKibben’s Comment

bill_mckibbenBill McKibben says:
October 22, 2009 at 8:48 am

“Can I just say–Joe’s amazing work is a prime example of what’s going on in every corner of the world. Not everyone is as sophisticated, but in 171 nations and across (currently) 4,400 events people are coming together around a scientific data point. We’re driving the debate, for once, and I wish you could all be in our temporary HQ in NYC just to watch the pictures pour in from every direction. It’s frenetic but joyful–if you’ve ever worried (as I have) that there would never be a popular outpouring around global warming, it’s a sight for sore eyes.”

Read the Creative Greenius guest post on Climate Progress today: