The Judas Party Gets Its Silver For Selling Out their Saviors

288-11-2-570It’s kind of a shame that our kids’ futures are being crucified since they’re the ones we need to resurrect us

In the many years I spent studying for the priesthood I learned that the stories of Jesus Christ’s years on our planet serve as models and lessons for all of us.

So it’s as obvious as a bad face lift that we are going through the stations of the cross and that climate change is our crucifix.


It’s been the Republican party, in the type cast role of Judas Iscariot.  And the silver they betrayed us all for came from today’s Pontius Pilatus and the Romans – the dirty fuel industry top executives whose empire stretches farther and wider than Caesar’s ever dreamed of.

But unfortunately the way this version of the story is being written there is no Easter and Black Friday becomes Groundhog Day – doomed to repeat ad infinitum.

That’s because when it comes to humanity, vision and a sense of the future of their own brand, the Republican Party and their supporters makes the ancient Romans look like Quakers.


Only by comparison do the feckless and impotent Democrats look any better, but at least they are not on a Shermanesque March to the Sea out to torch and destroy their own future and the future of their children and grandchildren with as much concern as Confederate soldiers had for the freedom of the human slaves they considered their paid-for property.

Actually, the worst off slaves of America’s 1800s had a much brighter future then any member of Generation X, Y or Millennial have.  Jango Unchained ain’t got nothing on hell and high water unchained.  And make no mistake about it that’s what’s coming our way – with “Super Storm” Sandy destined to become a comparative drizzle to the Noah-like future floods climate change is now driving.

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Too bad the vast majority of the parents of those younger generations are so completely dedicated to the trivial and ephemeral and are so obsessed with the gluten-laden bread and circuses of our time that they have willingly blinded themselves to the reality of what’s speeding our way.  But at least their kids have really advanced iPhones, bitchin’ wardrobes and get a week’s break from school for Spring skiing.

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I’m certain the vivid memories Mom and Dad retain of these keystone moments in supportive services will carry them through the downer days to come.  Just as the gratitude felt by future generations for the parents of today will no doubt be on par with that felt by former slaves for their owners’ generous gift of free room and board at the plantation.

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Pardon your Creative Greenius if from where he sits the response by today’s parents to the threat of ending civilization as we have enjoyed it  looks a whole lot like the Catholic Church and its rapid response to child molestation over the last several decades.


 I’m not talking of course, about the 10% of parents who are actually doing something, speaking out and not sticking their heads in the sand in response to what’s happening in front of their very eyes.  I’m talking about the 90% super majority who think it’s okay for them to opt out because it’s just too damn hard for them to deal with.  So they don’t follow what’s going on, they don’t say a word about the subject, they don’t do anything and they don’t let their kids know they care about it or have a single clue about it.

downloadWorse yet, a goodly percentage of these same failed role models aren’t just responsibility slackers, some of them are accomplished liars and shills, others are immoral cheaters and profiteers who actively work against our better interests and plenty more are morons who never should have been encouraged to breed to begin with.  I don’t think they need to wear name tags or affiliation ribbons for you to sort out who these bad actors are among us.

Is it any wonder then that I have a serious lack of faith that we are anything less than as doomed as doomed can be if things are left up to the current authorities in charge?

And yet…

I hold out hope because, my friends,





It’s true.  Like Don Quixote his own self I dream the impossible dream. No matter how bad things get or how hopeless things seem I can envision a brighter day.

I have a dream that one day the children and young people of this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

sword-of-justiceI have a dream that someday soon the children and young people of this nation will recognize the injustice and unfairness being dealt to them by those who who thought it was okay to put flame to their future and burn it like so much garbage.

And then they will shut this motherfucker down with a monkey wrench more powerful than the terrible swift sword of justice.

Because that’s what it is going to take to defeat the entrenched oligarchy who will be only too happy to go down with the ship, their pockets and life vests stuffed with cash.

That’s what it is going to take to turn off the belching coal plants, the leaking toxic pipelines, the greenhouse gas spewing refineries and the methane belching/water poisoning fracking shafts that are melting the frozen parts of our world and sending us spiraling ever faster into a climate catastrophe.

Only when those with the most to lose, dedicate themselves to becoming an overwhelming force to save themselves will we reach the golden future of my dreams.

But we’re going to get there and in my dreams I see that day coming true.

I may not get there to see it with you in reality, but I promise to do everything in my power to support these future angels of our better selves once they awaken and start to move.

Until then I’ll keep working to put more solar and renewable power wherever I can.  To cut energy use and use more energy efficient products.  To make our world more sustainable. To help educate the young, especially in science and math.  To help promote wellness and fight disease so we’re healthy and strong enough to do the heavy lifting that’s waiting to be done.

In my dream a day of reckoning is fast approaching.  And when it comes your number will be called and you will either be found willing or you will be found wanting.

And the Greenius says onto you all –  Woe onto those who got what they wanted today but are found wanting tomorrow.

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