Hey, Torrance City Council! Was That $80,000 Check You Took From Exxon A Bribe? Hush Money? Or Did You Just Sell Your Soul?


Click on the breaking news above and you’ll finally get to see the greenhouse gas numbers on our two local climate changing refineries that I’ve been demanding for a year now.  The CARB released them about an hour ago, too early for the morning papers, but not to early for your Creative Greenius.

I’ve been a little busy the past few months and I’ve fallen behind in covering some of the bigger environmental news stories locally here in my own backyard, but today we’re going to play catchup, big time –   

Councilman Furey pledging his allegiance to fossil fuels, global warming and more CO2

Let’s start with the $80,000 legal bribe Torrance City Councilman, Pat Furey, was so proud of getting from his friends at the world’s most unethical oil company, you know… the one currently melting the ice caps, glaciers and overheating our planet’s atmosphere while lying, scamming and covering up their deadly actions.  Yeah, that’s right –  good old #6 on the state list of greenhouse gas emitters the Torrance refinery owned by EXXON!

It happened on October 20 and I was there in-person, sitting in the front row with Torrance Democratic Club President, Rick Wagner, when Furey practically soiled himself in his seat, so enthusiastic and praise-filled was his shameless ballwashing of Exxon as our great neighbor who contributes to the health and well-being of our community. So shameless was Fossil Furey that he extolled the value of having Exxon around for our kids.

Yes, the same kids whose future Furey just sold down the river for a new library in his district.  Furey will tell you his whole career has been all about helping kids.  Too bad his actions enabling Exxon to destroy the futures of those very same children wipes out the value of that resume.

soul_for_satanThe Greenius says the children of the South Bay and all of California should hold this fluffer for Exxon personally responsible for the hell and high water that’s coming their way.  Just as they should hold every one of Furey’s fellow failed public servants libel since they all voted unanimously to have the citizens of Torrance bend over for this $80,000 payoff.  Their inexcusable ignorance harms us all.

And if you think that’s too tough and too harsh then you don’t know Exxon’s record of evil like I do.  But you should.  Just read this:

Records show ExxonMobil gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to lobby groups that have published ‘misleading and inaccurate information’ about climate change

Even self-professed “Environmental Champion,” Cliff Numark, who looked so embarrassed and ashamed of himself I thought he was going to crawl under his chair, voted “YES” to praise Exxon and sell my city’s soul for cash.  But shamed though he might have been, Champion Cliff, couldn’t find the cajones to cast a “no” vote.  Not exactly a profile in courage, was it, Cliff?

$80,000 in exchange for pumping 2,852,374 tons of greenhouse gas into the air all our kids breathe while we’re already in the danger zone for global warming?  Damn, these politicians sell our kids out for peanuts, don’t they?

Here’s the brilliant job of reporting our Living Dead Zombie newspaper, the Daily Breeze, did on this news:


By The Daily Breeze

Posted: 10/30/2009 07:26:52 AM PDT
Exxon Mobil’s Torrance refinery has donated $80,000 to the North Torrance Library. The refinery has operated in the community for 80 years and Torrance is in the process of renovating all its branch libraries.

Meanwhile, here’s a story they badly missed just two months earlier about that same Exxon Mobil Torrance refinery.  I found it in the WSJ:

ExxonMobil Torrance, CA

An unidentified refinery process unit was shut down Aug 25.
No restart estimate.

It’s obvious to this Creative Greenius that Exxon is not just one of the single biggest obstacles to stopping Global Warming and one of the biggest polluting companies on the face of this earth – it’s obvious that they flat out own the government here in ToxicTown Torrance.  They own them and they control their votes and they do it by paying them for it.  As Woodward and Bernstein taught me while I was still in high school – Follow the Money.

Maybe Exxon money is the reason there wasn’t a single elected official or city worker in Torrance who would tell the city’s citizens how much CO2 that Exxon refinery was pumping into our atmosphere for the past two years.  But now we know, because the Air Resources Board finally released the number we never would have gotten if it was up to the people who take checks from Exxon to pay the bills.

“Oh, Greenius, you’re just being mean and too harsh!” you might be saying.  “Maybe the Mayor and the City Council aren’t evil and sellouts, maybe they’re just too ignorant to understand what they’re voting on,” you might remind me. “They’re not criminals, they’re just clueless,” might be your rallying cry on their behalf.

You might be right.

Maybe that’s why this same group of representatives also voted unanimously on October 20 to endorse and support the 350 ppm target for CO2 at the very same Council meeting mere minutes after falling all over themselves to genuflect in front of their oil company masters.  Perhaps they don’t understand that we can’t reach 350 with that fossil fuel Exxon Mobil refinery doing what they do in our town.

It doesn’t matter whether they understand or not.  They’ve made commitments to reduce greenhouse gases and to get to 350 and they will be held to those commitments whether they grok it or they don’t.  They won’t have a choice from a responsibility standpoint and they don’t have a choice scientifically either.

Don’t forget – I too have made a commitment and I take my commitments a lot more seriously then people who will sell their votes for cash.  I’m committed to getting rid of that Exxon Mobil refinery by my 60th birthday on September 18, 2017. I’ve said so publicly and I understand exactly what I’m talking about.  Those 750 acres are now slated to become a large scale solar powered energy plant.

Maybe the incompetent representatives and staff here in Torrance whose salaries my tax dollars pay for don’t have a clue what’s coming next for Exxon and their future around these parts, but I do.

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