Where We’ve Been, Where We’re At & Where We’re Going

It’s my great honor to have written this update on our South Bay Los Angeles 350 Climate Action Group¬† for the 350.org site where you will find it cross posted and currently on their homepage. I’m proud to be associated in any way with Bill McKibben, May Boeve, Matt Fitzgerald, Joe Solomon, Jamie Henn and every other organizer I’ve come in contact with from the 350 team.

As part of the International Day of Climate Change on October 24, participants line up and do the wave for an airplane covering the event near the Manhattan Beach Pier. Organizers said 5,200 events were scheduled around the globe to mark the day. (Sean Hiller Daily Breeze Staff Photographer)

It’s exactly two weeks to the day since we surprised a whole lot of folks with an Amazing Waving Human Tide Line on our South Bay Los Angeles beach that stretched much further than any of us could see from the start of the line at the Manhattan Beach Pier.

It was indeed amazing, it was most definitely waving and it was filled with hundreds and hundreds of humans showing the world that we Southern Californians are anything but mellow or laid-back when it comes to demanding a 350 ppm CO2 target and the actions necessary to protect our children’s’ future survival.

The energy, buzz and sheer power of the 1,300 strong and very potent mix of people of every age, from every walk of life and from every rung on the ladder who made history on our beach is still reverberating throughout the community and down every hall of power on the local, regional, county, state and federal level.  And we have no intention of letting those vibrations subside.