The Summit On Clean Tech Law & The New Energy Policy

windpowerMy friend, attorney Leslie Williams, of Shaub and Williams, has been busy for the past few months putting together a big Renewable Energy Law Summit at the Southwestern Law School in L.A. and it takes place next week, on Sept 18.

If it wasn’t my 52nd birthday and I wasn’t already volunteering for the South Bay Environmental Services Center that day in Lawndale, I’d be there – because the lineup Leslie’s put together is pretty terrific:

  • Ted Flanigan, President of EcoMotion will be giving the “Big Energy Picture” speech on megatrends and new market opportunities for renewable energy
  • CALSEIA’s Executor Director Sue Kateley will be delivering her report on the newest renewable energy legal developments Sacramento
  • Sunpower Corporation’s VP of public policy, Julie Blunden, will be sharing her views on how incentives and laws shape & drive demand for solar energy
  • UCI’s solar energy research center will be presenting their advice on partnering with the private sector to leverage research in the pipeline & to commercialize it.

If you act before Tuesday you can still register at the Early Bird rate.  And Leslie tells me the price includes a spectacular wine reception with fine wines from hosted by Sweeney Canyon Vineyard, of Santa Ynez.   All the details after the jump-                                 southwestern law school

In the civilized world, unprecedented efforts are being made globally to deal with climate change – almost all of which is directly traceable to the use of “dirty” technologies.

Governments, industries facing mandates and regulation, and others are working under deadline pressure and fear to develop alternative, renewable energy replacements for traditional fossil fuels.  Amazingly some are even doing so because it’s the right thing.

Business executives, lawyers, government officials, key climate stakeholders like the Creative Greenius, along with other public policymakers are trying to play a crucial role in developing the necessary strategies to solve this pressing problem.  In almost all cases we do so despite ignorant opposition by those whose short-sighted vested interests drive them to delay and obstruct our efforts in the hopes of continuing to profit obscenely.

EPA expected to regulate CO2

Southwestern Law School is bringing decision-makers together at this “Summit on CleanTech Law and Energy Policy” to discuss issues like:

  • What opportunities do new federal policies offer the renewable energy sector?
  • How can CleanTech companies access the close to $80 billion in the Federal
  • Stimulus Package allocated for renewables?
  • What further incentives are offered at the California state level?
  • Are cities leading the way?
  • How do evolving federal and state business models compare to those of renewable’s world market leaders?
  • How can CleanTech companies benefit from the strengthened mix of local to federal incentives?
  • How can CleanTech companies collaborate with public and private research groups to innovate more effectively and enhance their existing technologies?
  • How does the private venture and financing sector view investment in CleanTech companies and what opportunities are investors looking for?

These issues, and many more, will be addressed by well-known experts on federal and state initiatives, CleanTech research, patent protection, and renewable energy models from other countries.

You can see why I’d dig being there, can’t you fellow policy wonks?

I-am-the-lawAnd you know if I was there in person I’d also be bringing up the MORAL obligation that is a part of all of these issues.

And I’m big on knowing what the penalties are for non compliance to laws that protect the environment, because I like them to be swift and very harsh so as to actually hurt offenders and make them pay for their crimes to a degree that they never consider committing them again.

Early bird registration for this Sept 18 Clean Tech Law Summit is extended to Tuesday Sept 15 at 6:00 pm Pacific Time.

You can register now at

Early Bird Registration is $195.  It’s $ 175 for members of GROWTH CAPITAL INSTITUTE, LARTA, GABA, GACC, CLEANTECH OPEN, OCTANe, & Ecomotion

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