Cleaning Up The Coast – While It’s Still Here

Tomorrow morning I’m going to walk out my front door and the five minutes down the hill it takes to reach the Torrance beach where Heal the Bay has one of its 60 different clean up sites in the L.A. area.  There I’ll join over 12,000 volunteers from all over Los Angeles will take action to rid our beaches and inland waterways of unsightly and harmful debris.

We’ll all be part Coastal Cleanup Day (CCD), the international event with over 60 countries around the world participating, making it one of the largest volunteer efforts on the planet!  I’m real big on world wide volunteer efforts – as I’ll remind you after the jump.


Today’s my birthday and it’s become my birthday tradition to take part in the Coastal Cleanup day.  I do it in part to give thanks for being fortunate enough to live just a half mile from the beach.

CCCD 2009 Poster JellyFishI love being one of thousands of all ages who care enough to give up one Saturday a year to pick up the trash of all the idiots who think the beach is an ashtray or a trash can or a disposable diaper dump.

California Coastal Cleanup Day is coordinated in Los Angeles County by Heal the Bay in conjunction with the California Coastal Commission and the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors.

CCCD Poster Fish v4

I love Heal the Bay and have been a member for a long time.  I love the work they do and how long they’ve been doing it.  I was proud to attend their annual fund raiser and award dinner this year for the first time with my girlfriends Judi Barker, Petra, and Vanessa.


I’ve even prouder that Heal the Bay is helping our South Bay 350 Climate Action Group plan our October 24, Climate Action on the beach in Manhattan Beach and will be getting the word out to their members.  They’re not the only ones.  Over two dozen other groups are now on board and in my next post this weekend I’ll tell you how we’re putting together the largest climate action ever staged in Southern California.

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