Michael Jackson Comes Back From Dead to Blast L.A. Times Climate Change Coverage

thriller25Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, returned from the great hereafter this morning to condemn the Los Angeles Times for being a cause of global warming and then covering it up in the newspaper he mocked as,

Already more lifeless and brain dead than I am now!

The once Gloved-One threw down his ghostly gauntlet and said tomorrow’s memorial at Staples Center would be more rightly held for the L.A. Times since it was time to bury the now deceased legacy media member born in 1889 which he says shows no sign of life.

The L.A. Times isn’t a newspaper anymore, it’s an abusepaper that is part of the climate change problem, not part of the solution,

said the still world popular entertainment legend.             

How can Marc Lifsher write a story about solar panel subsidies and not mention “climate change,” never use the words “greenhouse gases” or connect solar panel costs with the costs of continuing to burn fossil fuels that add more C02 every second they’re used!?  How can you ignore and cover up the irreversible impacts of the climate crisis that are already happening?

Even my sister Latoya knows better than that!

And even Bubbles the chimp has more journalistic integrity than Times reporter Jim Tankersley who wrote the ‘Climate Battle Shifts to Senate‘ article.

How can you quote a discredited, Exxon/Mobil-funded propagandist and not honestly identify who that lying creep really is, while at the same time failing to report the true story of the climate change risks facing every reader?

Maybe Jim Tankersley has friends at Exxon/Mobil too and is looking for his next job after the Times stops breathing soon.

I urge all my fans around the world to love one another and to work together to tell the truth about the climate crisis and what’s coming.


If you thought Thriller was scary, wait till you see what’s coming for your children and grandchildren with Global Warming.

One thought on “Michael Jackson Comes Back From Dead to Blast L.A. Times Climate Change Coverage

  1. I love this! I’m not a person who knows how to convey written worlds as brilliant as you can Mr. Greenius. The one thing I know is that Climate Change is a serious crisis and if we don’t begin now to “Heal the World” and the effects of “Global Warming” then…. we will all soon be impacted by natural disasters.

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