There Is Only ONE Choice Today – UPDATED!


This is my garage door at 6:30am this morning, election day 2008. That’s my American flag to the right.  And that’s both my message to one and all and my prediction for tonight’s results.

Nuff said.

I’ll be voting this morning at the Rotary Building in El Retiro Park where my lovely and talented wife is working for the L.A. County Registrar of Voters in a 6am to 9pm shift with no break.  That’s what Real Americans do here in the great Republic of California.

When I get back I’ll be making GOTV calls for Barack Obama.  After that I’ll gather with friends and we will celebrate.

Tomorrow the real heavy lifting work begins.

Join us below the fold for photos taken this election day.  Send us your I Voted pix and we’ll add them!


a-green-ivotedHere’s a photo from my all time favorite attorney, kayak instructor and fellow Greenius, Alan Feldstein who biked his way to the ballot this morning.  Alan voted for change too.

photoMy friend, the Reverend Ron, has also cast his vote for change – and aganist hate by voting for both Barack Obama and against Evil Proposition 8 here on the California ballot.

Right on, Ron!

I’ve been voting in this neighborhood now for 15 and a half year and never had to wait in line before.

p1010876But this year the line was out the door and I was thrilled to see it.

Luckily we have these fantastic volunteer citizens who got to the polls at 6am an hour before they opened.

p1010872They’ll be there till 9 pm, an hour after the polls close.  I know this particular polling place will be on the up and up with no bamboozling, or any chance of the old okey-doke because Mrs. Greenius is right there third from the left protecting the sanctity of my vote and all the others.

And how great does it feel to have cast my ballot for change in voting for Barack Obama and against hate by voting NO on Proposition 8?

p1010883My Mailman Gary, took this picture of me in front of my garage.

And here I am back at my computer in Greenius world HQ.


Tonight we celebrate. Tomorrow we get back to work with a smile on our faces and an extra bounce in our steps.


This just in from the great state of Georgia where their voters get this very cool looking peach sticker.


And here’s how great it feels to have earned that sticker way down south in Dixie having voted for Barack Obama!  You go, Betty Ann!  Thanks for the photo Liz!


I’ve known this upstanding member of the law enforcement community for over 20 years – and no, I did not meet him while I was wearing handcuffs.

obamaHe voted for Obama, but still doesn’t know how to take his own picture without getting the words on his pin backwards.  Don’t worry, sir, help is on the way!

From the great Empire State of New York comes this great photo of my friends Allyn and Eli – I wonder who could have taken it?  Eli got to pull the lever for Barack Obama today when Allyn & Jeffrey voted.  California props to you Eli!



3 thoughts on “There Is Only ONE Choice Today – UPDATED!

  1. the first election i was cognizant of was adlai stevenson running against eisenhower. as young as i was i remember wondering how such a smart guy could lose to this old soldier dude.

    it took over 50 years but finally, the smart guy won.

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