There Is Only ONE Choice Today – UPDATED!


This is my garage door at 6:30am this morning, election day 2008. That’s my American flag to the right.  And that’s both my message to one and all and my prediction for tonight’s results.

Nuff said.

I’ll be voting this morning at the Rotary Building in El Retiro Park where my lovely and talented wife is working for the L.A. County Registrar of Voters in a 6am to 9pm shift with no break.  That’s what Real Americans do here in the great Republic of California.

When I get back I’ll be making GOTV calls for Barack Obama.  After that I’ll gather with friends and we will celebrate.

Tomorrow the real heavy lifting work begins.

Join us below the fold for photos taken this election day.  Send us your I Voted pix and we’ll add them!