Ten Things President Obama Needs You To Know Right Now

chicagoskylineWhile the rest of America has been transfixed by the spiraling, ever-worsening economic crisis, the auto industry bailout and the Obama transition team leaks about Hillary Clinton and John McCain’s new roles in the Administration, I’ve been in Chicago engrossed in meetings with people I promised I’d never admit having met with.  So lets just say I went for the blues and the BBQ.

music_bluesAlong with the pulled pork I enjoyed finding out that these Chicago guys are smart enough to know what’s really going on out there and sharp enough to know they’ve got to get the rest of the country up to speed before January 20th rolls around.

It’s not like they gave me any secret briefing information or anything.  And it’s not like they told me what to write – not in so many words anyway.  But if you’d like to help the President hit the ground running – and be able to keep up with him along the way – here’s what you need to know.

There Is Only ONE Choice Today – UPDATED!


This is my garage door at 6:30am this morning, election day 2008. That’s my American flag to the right.  And that’s both my message to one and all and my prediction for tonight’s results.

Nuff said.

I’ll be voting this morning at the Rotary Building in El Retiro Park where my lovely and talented wife is working for the L.A. County Registrar of Voters in a 6am to 9pm shift with no break.  That’s what Real Americans do here in the great Republic of California.

When I get back I’ll be making GOTV calls for Barack Obama.  After that I’ll gather with friends and we will celebrate.

Tomorrow the real heavy lifting work begins.

Join us below the fold for photos taken this election day.  Send us your I Voted pix and we’ll add them!

Angry McCain Wants To Kill You – If That’s What It Takes To Make America Great Again

A furiously venom-filled John McCain angrily admitted to this blogger in a just-finished phone interview that he has been in a state of unstoppable rage that has kept him terminally pissed off at the United States of America ever since we chose to end the Vietnam war.  “You’re damn right I am, you little jerk,” he said.

Before I could even respond he exploded again like Yosemite Sam.  “You’re ALL a bunch of little jerks!” he screeched out to me on my VOIP line,” all you word happy blah-blah-bloogers – especially you environmentalists.” He spat out the word as if talking about a pedophile, but I could sense he was using air quotes at the other end.