The Greenius Reviews His Solar Bids

(written on September 19)

The Kaweah Cottage we’ve been staying in was designed to accommodate solar panels.  The Cottage is perfectly situated for unobstructed power generation and James Seligman, the owner and our host has everything – including the wiring – in place for a solar system – everything that is except the financing.  It’s not going to be cheap, but eventually he’ll get it done.  That’s just another thing James and I found we had in common.

I really enjoyed meeting James and getting to spend some time talking with him.  He’s a righteous dude, a fellow Mac user, filmmaker, peace lover and progressive environmentalist, just like your pal the Creative Greenius. 

In Which We Encounter The Bear

(written September 18, 2008)

There is a bear in the woods but he does not know we are here, which is why we are able to take his photograph and not have to run the hell the other way.  The wind is blowing in the correct direction, which is to say towards us and not towards the bear.  And so today on my 51st birthday I get to live for yet another day.  It is a good day to be alive.

Debra and I stood and watched the bear for a few minutes and then we decided to turn around and go back the way we came.  The bear does not care that we are here but apparently the deer we later run into have an issue to pick with us.