#GreenNewDeal or NO Deal

On Friday night, April 26, I had the privilege of hosting a panel on the Green New Deal at Temple Isaiah in West Los Angeles.  The Theme was “The Path Forward: If Not The Green New Deal, Then What?

These are the videos and visuals I curated and screened for the audience as means to tell the story –

Why Do We Need A Green New Deal?

Here’s what the UN said after their new climate report came out:

Let Greta tell you:

The usually calm Bill McKibben, the nation’s premier environmental author, said this just last week:

What IS The Green New Deal?

Let’s start with the Sunrise Movement & AOC

And the Green New Deal Itself:


Naomi Klein and AOC collaborated on a video. Here it is:

What If We Don’t Get A Green New Deal?

Climate Strike kids around the world will be satisfied with nothing less:

Greta had this to say in the United Kingdom just last week. #FridaysForFuture






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