No, @Sammy_Roth & @LATimes, This Poorly Written Bloomberg Article Repeating The Results The Climate Investigation Center Uncovered Isn’t A Newspaper Doing Its Job. Bad Headline, Shit Placement

This Is Going To Make It Hard To Reconcile

I am the firstborn child of Mary Brigid O’Connor and Stanley Daniel Galliani. I was born in September of 1957.

On New Year’s Day 1982 we parted company in anger with my father yelling at me, “Get out! Get out, and don’t come back!”

I told him then, “Don’t say it if you don’t mean it. You know the history of our family!”

To which he replied, “Get the hell out of my house!” And I did.

That was 37 1/2 years ago and to be brutally honest I’ve never missed them or felt a desire to reconnect. And the feeling was clearly mutual. No attempts to patch things up were ever made.

When I was turning forty I reached out to my mother in writing to ask her if I could borrow the family photo album so that I might make copies as I had no photos from my childhood.

My mother replied in a voicemail in which she laughed and said, “I’m not interested in helping out with any self-aggrandized tribute to YOU.” And that was that, 23 years ago. I wasn’t really surprised and I moved on and continued with my happy and rewarding life.

No SurpriseThat Clueless @LATimes Is As “Shocked” As Everyone Else In Charge Of Responding To Homeless Crisis. Their Reporters Sure As Shit Don’t See The Certain Flood Of Climate Refugees Headed Here Over The Next Decade #JoeTakesOnTheNews