I Imagined That Ted Lieu Resigned His Seat In Congress To Take A Lucrative New Job For Kim Jong un In North Korea, And This Play I Wrote About What Happened Next Was Performed On Sunday At The Ruskin Group Theatre In Santa Monica

#ToxicTorrance Choking On Pollution From Refinery Kicks The Can To The Man Above To Fix Their Fatal Flaws. Supreme Being Rejects Heathens, “Don’t Put My Name On Your Chamber Of Chumps,” Thunders Big Guy, “Cause I Don’t Trust THEM Especially That Moron Griffiths #JoeTakesOnTheNews

A Very Royal Fuck You To @Sunrise_Mvmt_LA & @GretaThunberg From El Segundo’s @DrPatSoonShiong & @robnikolewski Who Stay Silent On #ClimateCrisis As They Reprint Fossil Fuel Press Release Instead Of Journalism & Reporting #JoeTakesOnTheNews