Don’t Think of it as “Global Warming,” Think of it as Destroying our Atmosphere and Altering the Delicate Balance of Nature

I first saw this video produced by Dr. James Powell, the Executive Director of the National Physical Science Consortium on Joe Romm’s Climate Progress site last week.

Do yourself a favor and take 10 minutes to watch and grok this simple and easy to understand climate change lesson.  Memorize the information as if you were going to be tested in school on it.  Then use this knowledge to help explain reality to your friends and associates who have been duped and conned by the dirty energy industry into believing this is some kind of hoax.

It’s no surprise that the coal, oil and gas industries want us to keep using their dirty, unsafe fuels of the past which are running out and which are spewing pollution and deteriorating our atmosphere while they cook us inside the greenhouse.

But what is surprising is how many people we know and interact with argue against their own best interests and argue against a rapid transition to the clean safe fuels of our future which will never run out and which protect our health, our environment and our younger generations best chance for peace and prosperity.

So many lizard brains and scared little sheep among us in addition to the industry mercenaries and the always loudly heard defiantly ignorant.  They will surely be our damnation unless we find a way to reach and teach them before it’s too late.  The odds are that we’re already too late by a couple of years now at least and each passing day puts us another 24 hours behind.

But I’m still not ready to cash in my chips yet and start partying like it’s 1999. And I’m still up for the greatest fight between good and evil, between ignorance and enlightenment, between liars and truth tellers that ever played out here on good old planet earth.

Because in the Kingdom of the Lizard Brains the Autodidact with the high school diploma is King.

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