Greenius on Carbon Neutral City’s Friday Night Secrets Revealed!

This is the first time I can write about any of what’s gone on at the Hermosa Beach Carbon Neutral City committee meetings, which I’ve actively participated in as a committee member since the first weekly meeting on a Friday night in April.

Since then our ad hoc group has gotten together in a nondescript conference room to kick off our weekends with two-to-three hours of exciting reports, discussions, updates and brainstorming. No one knows how to have a wildly wonky word workout like we do.

Four months later, not only are we still at it on Friday nights, but also on other nights, we’ve added subcommittee assignments.

Because I write this column for Patch as well as my own Creative Greenius blog, I’ve agreed to keep what I see and hear in our Carbon Neutral City committee meetings confidential and not write about them.


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