ToxicTown Torrance to Hold Public Forum on Chemical Threat

Your friendly neighborhood Greenius wrote seven months ago about the chemical problems in the City of Torrance, known throughout the South Bay as ToxicTown (when it isn’t going under its new official designation as a Blighted Community), but not a single person on the City Council, in City Government or connected with the city in any way cares enough about this issue to address it.  They have been silent and impotent regarding the over 157 schools and hospitals located within a five mile radius of the JCI Jones “high risk” chemical plant here in Torrance.

That’s why my friends at Greenpeace are doing the civic work for them and offering this terrific Public Forum next Sunday, March 21, at the George Nakano Theatre right across the parking lot from City Hall.  Maybe Mayor TowTruck will amble on over and learn something.  After all,  Frank Scotto is running unopposed in the next election so it’s not as if he’s busy campaigning and doesn’t have the free time.

Fortunately, my pal, Jenny Binstock, from Greenpeace has put together a terrific program including Diane Moss from Congresswoman Harman’s office, who will be there to introduce the subject and some great panelists.  I’ll be in the audience and I hope you’ll join me to learn what no one connected to the City of ToxicTown has the guts to tell its citizens – including self-appointed “Environmental Champion” Councilman, Cliff Numark.

Check out the flier with all the details after the jump

One thought on “ToxicTown Torrance to Hold Public Forum on Chemical Threat

  1. Would have been nice if you had posted this on the City’s Events Calendar …;token=guest.f2fd716c4b1a7a56c302cf63f1670f2b;y=2010;m=3;d=21

    It is Saturday and we’ve already made plans. I checked that calendar Thursday and didn’t see anything we’d want.

    The Greenius: I’m awfully sorry you didn’t get a chance to be there because it was a great forum. And I agree with you that it would indeed have been nice if the city of Torrance had posted this event on their city website.

    Being as I’m The Creative Greenius and not an employee or associated with the City of Torrance in any way shape or form it would have been pretty damn impossible for me to have posted the event on ToxicTown’s web site.

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