Getting To Work In Hermosa Beach – The Carbon Neutral ClueTrain Leaves the Station

Courtesy of YouTube and the Hermosa Beach City website, and converted and enlarged through the magic of Greenius, we bring you this exclusive look at the Carbon Neutral ClueTrain leaving the Hermosa Beach station this week.  Local mainstream media missed this story completely but fortunately for them this on-line record will exist for them to use as research.  So will the reporting that the new news group will be providing.

The story actually began last week during Hermosa Beach Mayor’s State of the City address where Mayor Michael DiVirgilio spoke about the Carbon Neutral City concept:

Mayor DiVirgilio was right back at it Monday night at the Hermosa Beach Green Task Force meeting, speaking enthusiastically on behalf of the idea:

Join us after the jump to see your friendly neighborhood Greenius and my Fratelli Verde, Robert Fortunato, following the Mayor with our own remarks.

You say you’d like to see that presentation?  Here it is as presented to the Green Task Force.  Hermosa Beach: A Carbon Neutral Green Idea City:

The following night we were at the City Council meeting to report our progress and promise delivery of a preliminary Carbon Neutral City plan in 60 days:

Then on Wednesday we were on to the Hermosa Beach School Board where once again Mayor DiVirgilio preceded us to the podium to make his own remarks on going Carbon Neutral:

Then it was time for our Ad Hoc group’s slot on the School Board agenda and Robert Fortunato spoke first.  He did so on behalf of his son, Carter:

You know, I liked Robert’s hyperbolic intro of me so much I’m going to repeat it at the top of this footage of  your ever present Creative Greenius addressing the board.  And where did all that get us?  Well watch the vote the School Board takes at the end of this video:

All in all, quite a week for Hermosa Beach and for our small ad hoc effort which is now growing to include the Mayor, two members of the School Board, probably a 2-3 members of the Green Task Force, and many other key stakeholders from the Hermosa Beach community.  We’re going to need all that help and partnership because we’ve got a big job ahead of us over the next 60 days.  But if you know the Greenius, you know that I am a work dog.

And speaking of work, it was a great week for the South Bay 350 Climate Action Group and for too as we jump started the new 2010 plan “Get To Work.”

Of course the truth is we never stopped working or even took any time off since the October 24 International Day of Climate Action.  You regular readers of Creative Greenius saw this coming when we told you what our plans were back in January.

After all, I AM Spartacus…

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