Planet-Warming Texas Oil Refineries Embrace Communist Chinese Stance on Cutting Greenhouse Gas Emissions. CO2-Belching Texas Polluters Pony Up Millions To Overturn California’s AB 32

Your Greenius is sorry to report that there’s been nothing but more bad news on the climate action scene in the past couple of weeks.

Maybe you missed last week’s issue of China Daily with the headline:

No Intention of Capping Emissions

“China has no intention of capping its greenhouse gas emissions even as authorities are committed to realizing the nation’s target to reduce carbon intensity through new policies and measures, the country’s top climate change negotiators said yesterday.  The negotiators also warned that rich and developing countries have little hope of overcoming key disagreements over how to fight global warming.

China “could not and should not” set an upper limit on greenhouse gas emissions at the current phase, said Su Wei, the chief negotiator of China for climate change talks in Copenhagen, at a meeting in Beijing on China’s climate change policies in the post-Copenhagen era.

But you don’t have to go to Communist Red China to find people who spew greenhouse gases but have no intention of capping their emissions.

Just mosey on over to the Republic of Texas where two of America’s biggest polluting oil companies are ponying up millions of dollars to pay for an initiative on the California ballot that would suspend our state’s Global Warming Solutions act, AB 32.

Power Companies Driving Drunk With Power – If Only PG&E and SCE Didn’t Hate Rooftop Solar So Much We Might Meet Our AB 32 Emission Reductions.

It’s great that Governor Schwarzenegger signed AB 510 on Monday. It lifts the current “cap” on rooftop solar from the crappy 2.5% to a BFD level of 5%.  The cap has to do with what percent of rooftop solar customers get to participate in the “net metering” program that actually gives them credit for the solar power they produce and feed back into the grid.

But forgive me if I’m only offering a near-silent golf clap of applause, because this whole cap program is a joke and doubling it from 2.5 to 5% is throwing a meatless bone to starving dog.

There shouldn’t even be a cap.  Everyone who generates solar and feeds it back into the grid should have not only net metering available to them but they should also be getting hefty feed-in tariffs too.

But if you read the news articles, solar advocates are supposed to be oh-s0-grateful and thrilled that the net metering cap wasn’t filled leaving no more room for new solar owners.

But as you can tell, I am NOT the least bit grateful and I’m NOT thrilled one iota.  The Greenius says, the state should call this the Dunce Cap program since it makes fools out of anyone who thinks this is the way to get solar power on all the roofs in California that can generate clean, green renewable energy.

It isn’t and it never will be.  Judged on the results, the current programs sucks.  Big time.