Welcome to the Clean Energy Revolution! Lying Lobbiests for Oil & Coal Punk’d in Copenhagen

Here’s professional con man, Tim Phillips, paid lackey for the coal, oil and gas industries trying to use the Copenhagen Climate Summit as a propaganda platform and failing miserably.  It’s Tim’s job to spin the story so that you believe his clients shouldn’t have to pay for the damage they do and the endangerment their greenhouse gas spewing products put us in.  Here’s smug Timmy getting his well paid lunch handed to him by a volunteer group of clean energy advocates.


Poor Tim. You’ll notice that he bears a striking resemblance to Doug Neidermeyer from Animal House. His act is tired and stale and the real “Americans For Prosperity” are the people who just exposed Tim as the enemy of our future prosperity.  That’s what we call the voice of the Free Market speaking.

And here’s the voice of Tim himself talking, this time to our pal Rachel Maddow who exposes his Americans for Prosperity group as the right wing front group they really are,

“Your group is corporate funded, founded by the head of coal industries, an oil & chemical company, and you’re staffed by experienced Republican pro’s. You’re maintaining that you are a grass roots group, you may have a lot of members, but you’re not a grassroots group”.

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