I Am Spartacus!

President Obama’s on Air Force One flying home from Copenhagen as I write this and while the final details of the side deal he cut with a handful of countries outside the UN process aren’t fully known yet, one thing is already certain.  The deal he negotiated isn’t ambitious, it isn’t fair and it isn’t binding.  In short, it ain’t the real deal this climate crisis calls for and it’s not worth celebrating.

The Greenius says we can no longer wait for the leadership at the national level to prevent a climate catastrophe from being the legacy we leave our children.

I for one will not stand for that.  In the wake of the failure of supposed leaders to stop the sellout of the Small Island states and Africa and all the other most vulnerable to climate change peoples, it’s time for you and I to step up and accept our responsibility to lead.

It’s time to take a look in the mirror and ask yourself what you are made of and what you stand for….

That’s why I am Spartacus now.

Who else among you is Spartacus?  Who else among you will stand with me and lead?

Welcome to the Clean Energy Revolution! Lying Lobbiests for Oil & Coal Punk’d in Copenhagen

Here’s professional con man, Tim Phillips, paid lackey for the coal, oil and gas industries trying to use the Copenhagen Climate Summit as a propaganda platform and failing miserably.  It’s Tim’s job to spin the story so that you believe his clients shouldn’t have to pay for the damage they do and the endangerment their greenhouse gas spewing products put us in.  Here’s smug Timmy getting his well paid lunch handed to him by a volunteer group of clean energy advocates.