L.A. Times “Coverage” of Largest Climate Demonstration in So Cal History

The L.A. bird cage liner devoted half a page above the fold in today’s paper to this:

Oct 25 LA Times 350 Coverage

Always nice to be in the L.A. Times but this coverage is clueless and snarky.  The paper missed the money shot and they do not get the 350 message.  The L.A. Times is dying and they’re taking the climate with them as they keep cutting down trees and paying an army of people to drive highly polluting vehicles to deliver the news a day late and several dollars short.  This wouldn’t be happening if Sam Zell had any idea of what he was doing as owner of the paper.  But he doesn’t and he’ll ride this once great paper straight into the grave as his carbon footprint just keeps growing bigger and bigger.

The best reporters and news staff are gone from the Los Angeles Times now and the only people left are those who cannot get work elsewhere.  Some of them are great writers and good journalists but there isn’t a single editor or person in management worth working for anymore.

RIP L.A. Times.  You didn’t just bury the lead.  You buried yourselves.

One thought on “L.A. Times “Coverage” of Largest Climate Demonstration in So Cal History

  1. Hard hitting but I can’t disagree with anything that you’re saying. There were so many great shots they could have snapped and they totally failed at capturing the essence of the event in the photos. What was the point of sending a photographer? The blog by Margot Roosevelt was lame too- “Can Photo Ops Stop Global Warming?” I’d expect more from her than a poorly-written article trivializing the largest mass-mobilization in the history of the climate movement. Everyone else understands the significance, and the LA Times clearly missed it entirely.

    I’ve been drinking the L.A. Times milkshake for quite some time now on the global warming issue (see Greenius Drinks L.A. Times Milkshake on Global Warming)
    If the Times had a single decent person left in editorial or management they would know enough to be ashamed and embarrassed at the lack of journalistic integrity or the loss of basic competence and due diligence. But they don’t. All that’s left are the dead enders. And all the legacy minds at the paper I hear from do nothing but whine, complain and moan about the death of newspapers – all the while as they themselves use the razor blade to mindlessly slash their very own wrists.]

    The king is dead!
    Love live the king!

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