Neil Young – Rockin’ The EV World in “JOHNNY MAGIC” Straight from his LincVolt

repowering-the-american-dreamLegendary singer-songwriter and electric car advocate, Neil Young is out with his latest song and it could easily become the first anthem for the rapidly blowing-up EV movement in America.  The rockin’ number is a tribute to Neil’s innovative and totally Greenius re-powering of his 1959 Lincoln Continental convertible with plug-in electric power.

Here’s the story from our friends at Neil Young News:

Tonight, in the latest adventures in LincVolt, Neil Young and the LV Team went out for another test drive.
On this journey, viewers experienced an extraordinary first — Neil debuted a song while driving. Singing to a soundtrack on his Mac laptop, Neil performed the new song “Johnny Magic” while playing air guitar.
The song is dedicated to Neil’s mechanic Johnathan Goodwin.

Right after the jump, TWO great video versions of this new instant classic: