Greenius & Obama Celebrate Our First 100 Days!

Answering the President’s Call To Serve A Higher Purpose

April 14, 2009 GRID Alternative solar install for Habitat for Humanity

That’s your Creative Greenius in the orange hardhat, and my buddy the Reverend Ron giving the Hang Loose salute, atop the roof of a Habitat for Humanity home we successfully installed a Solar PV system on.  And when I say “we” I mean GRID Alternatives the non-profit whose mission is to empower communities in need by providing renewable energy and energy efficiency services, equipment and training.

That’s Steve from GRID on the far left.  He’s a great guy, working for the modest Americorps paycheck he and the other GRID staff folks make.  It was an honor to work with them and I can’t wait to do my next install with GRID.

Greenius To Corporate Carbon Producers: You’ll Pay & You’ll Like It

cammonopoly_wideweb__430x32507Last month your Creative Greenius weighed into the issue of carbon cap and trade on the TerraPass Footprint website. I offered my take on an article entitled: “Hacks and Handout-Seekers Hate Obama’s Climate Plan

If you’re not familiar with TerraPass Footprint this is a great opportunity to check them out. But even if you don’t, I’d like to share my take on carbon cap and trade vs carbon taxes with you after the jump…                             

Meet Your Next Car At Plug-In 2009


Last year your Creative Greenius was on the scene in San Jose, California providing the most straight-forward, brutally frank and insightful coverage of anyone at the event.

This year Plug-In 2009 will be on my turf here in So. Cal. and once again I’ll be giving you the unvarnished Greenius straight from Iowa on the Beach


The Solangelist Up On The Roof

Solangelist in yellow hardhat with fellow GRID Alt volunteers

On Monday and Tuesday of last week the Reverend Ron and I were in El Cajon, California working on our first volunteer solar install with our new friends from GRID Alternatives.  It was even more fun and more enriching than I imagined it would be.  And I learned more than I thought I could in just 48 hours.  That’s thanks to the truly expert advice I got from our GRID team leaders.

I’m looking forward to writing all about it and some of what I learned.  But until I get the time later this week to give you all the Greenius details and flavor of the gig, here’s the report from Miguel Reza of GRID Alt from their web site.  That’s Miguel there on the roof wearing the red shirt and the orange hard hat – a daring fashion choice, but he makes it work.

GRID Alternatives San Diego Accomplishes First “Complete” Install

By Miguel Reza –  04/16/2009 – 3:15pm

It was a first for many staff and volunteers in San Diego. But, it sure won’t be the last. On April 13 and 14, GRID Alternatives took a crack at their first full install in the City of El Cajon about 20 minutes east of downtown San Diego.

The Greenius Goes Into Overdrive

The Greenius in Yosemite

As the climate change crisis goes from bad to worse (while the deniers get nuttier and more cult-like with each passing day) and Australia gives Californians an advanced sneak preview at what is without a doubt headed our way sooner than you expect, your Creative Greenius has only gotten more Fired Up, Ready to Go!

That’s right my friends, while others are cutting back, downsizing, slowing down and pulling back, your Creative Greenius is not only Ready to Go, I’m already going, baby, and I’m moving at Obama speed.

So buckle up and hang on while I take you for a little trip with the Greenius to the places I’ve been and the places I’m going…